Interior and Design: TOP 5 Interior Brands In Portugal

Cabinet making in Portugal has old traditions. This is a dynamic developing competitive brunch of industry that is able to face the world market challenge because of new harmonious flexible forms. The most of entrepreneurs from the furniture trade are active at the outward market. The face of Portuguese furniture is defined by the modern and original design, creativeness and new interesting models.

This is the result of successful cooperation with the world famous designers and architects, including such Portuguese designers as Siza Vieira, Eduardo Souto de Moura’s Wall Atlas, Fernando Brizio, Nini Andrade Silva and others. Portuguese furniture trade, including home furniture, office and hotels furniture, lights, modern art designs, meet international tendencies and standards to form the new tendency of the international furniture market.

The furniture in Portugal is produced for different life spheres: home, office, industrial and medical. Portuguese furniture differs from the rest of others world producers by its attractive prices, ancient style and high quality. Just hire a car in Faro and go to see the province houses. The interior is mostly done is vintage style to make it warm and hospitable. The combination of old and new is very difficult. It is really hard work to make stylish interior from the old furniture to be your room modern and interesting, but not a dust hole. This is a task for interior designers!

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Meet the most successful Portugal brands!

Larus – City Furniture

The Portuguese brand of the city furniture was awarded with the most prestigious national and international awards. Two of them are Red Dot Award in 2008, 2011 and DME Award in 2010. The European Design Center called Larus the best European design company. Larus specialists try to meet requirements from their potential clients. They cooperate with the famous architects to cultivate markets of Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco and other countries of the Middle East.

The company success came after the set of the road signs that were specially designed for the international exhibition in Lisbon. So, you can meet the road signs from Larus in the streets Madrid, Genoa, Versailles and other cities. Larus equipped with its famous road signs more than 500 kilometers of the highway in the North Africa.

Fertini – Hotel Furniture

Fertini furniture brand was created by Joan Tinoco and Carlos Fernandes. The creative works of this couple decorated all lux hotels and shops all over the world, from New York to Delhi. The company clients are specialized shops, interior designers, architects and the best world popular hotels and restaurants. You can see the furniture from Fertini in the hotel chain of Sana Luanda Royal Hotel in Luanda, La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse, Diamond in the USA and many other places. The company works at the project for Ritz-Carlton Montreal Hotel, Trianon Palace and Versailles Hotel in France at the moment.

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Corque – Modern Arts

The Corque Company works to produce furniture and interior items that are made of cork. Cork is pleasant material that has unique technical characteristics. The cork furniture is characterized with high quality and ecological compatibility. It is designed all together with Portuguese designers. The Corque items were approved by New York Times and others American publishers. You can buy Corque furniture in the New York Museum of Modern Arts, Japan and the number of European countries.

Boca do Lobo – World Fashionist

The furniture from Boca do Lobo is exported to many countries to be the world fashion tendency. The BdL brand was founded in 2005 to be the part of Menina Design Company. The company combines the dozen of brands that reflect the new style of Portuguese furniture and interior items. The company is popular partner in the world market because of the internet trades. Thus, you can make purchase just from your home. It is very comfortable to go shopping online and BdL uses this great opportunity to be popular. You can find traditional classic furniture all together with original design works that look like the pieces of art.

Simple Forms Design – High Tech Style

Meet another champion of the Red Dot Design Award prize 2008 from Portugal. The Red Dot award is certificate that makes your furniture high quality at the design market. The company was founded in 2004 because of the idea of Carlos Mendoza and Alzira Peixoto. They tried to find the best combination of traditional furniture and new avant-garde forms and materials, innovative decisions and traditional looks. It must be something really special.

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Why Portuguese Furniture?

A lot of famous specialists-designers take part in designing furniture. There are many famous companies are involved in furniture trades such as Details, Protodesign and Droog Design. The companies and brands are joined under the common brand that is called Associative Design. The main characteristic of the Portuguese Furniture is different styles, flexible development and high quality.

Using advanced technologies for all producing stages beginning from the first stage of producing to the stage of technical control.

Considering many facts, traditions, skills and experience to design the most impressive furniture in the world.

Consider the style of life of the new generation to produce home furniture for everyday use.

Control and selection of wooden, metal materials and textiles for Portugal and partners. It is closely related with the ancient culture and traditions to be mixed with the rich natural resources.

The furniture that were designed and produced in Portugal is able to meet the most demanded requirements. So, Portugal is a world popular country to be furniture producer and reliable partner for all big world capitals that invite Portuguese architects and designers to design their interiors.

Madrid. IFEMA. FITUR 2010. Spain

Finally, you are offered to meet the products of furniture industry close as never before. You can do this at the international specialized exhibitions:

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair (Stockholm)

Maison & Objet (Paris)

FITUR (Madrid)

International furniture exhibition IMM in Cologne

International Interior Exhibition in Frankfurt

International exhibition of modern furniture in New York

International furniture exhibition iSaloni in Milan

Interiors Abu Dhabi Design in UAE