Innumerable Benefits of Floor Screed

Floor screed has so many advantages over the conventional sand and cement concrete. It is designed to give level and smooth surface preceding the application of the final floor finishes. It has varieties of application; it can be applied as floated, bonded or unbounded flow and it can also be applied with or without your under-floor heating. It is made directly from factory and this is one of the factors that improve on its reliability.

Ready mix concrete suppliers in Surrey can supply you with screed for any form of construction work you have in mind. Many of them have been in the profession for a very long time and they have built experience over the years regarding the right type of screed to use for any specific form of construction you have in mind. You can always leverage on their experience to help get the construction work done faster.

It usually takes the conventional concrete a very long time to dry up. This is not the case with floor screed. It can dry very fast. In addition, it can be force dried. This means it will be as dry as it can ever get just after a week of its application. As a result, use of screed helps reduce time spent on construction. If you need to complete any construction work on deadline, then screed is the best to opt for, since it will help you save time a great deal.


Many of the Surrey ready mix companies can help with the fast drying. They have the expertise and the experience to get it done and help reduce how long you have to spend on the construction work. They are equally privy of a host of other tricks that can be used to make the work go faster. You will need to liaise with them in order to make your construction with floor screed a successful endeavour.

While it may be difficult to walk on the conventional form of concrete floor for days after the job had been done, you can start walking on floor made from screed just 24 hours after its application. This is just one of the many factors that work in favour of screed. This means other technicians that need to work on the building being constructed can go ahead with their work without anything disturbing them. Therefore, floor screed is undoubtedly the best for eradicating construction time.

Before you employ any ready mix concrete supplier in Surrey, take time to find out how reliable or otherwise they are. The long standing ones among them are undoubtedly more reliable. It is better to go for these ones since there is assurance of top quality on the screed they supply. Find out if their daily route coincides with where your construction work is going on.

In addition, find out how reliable or otherwise their customer service is. Work only with Surrey ready mix service provider known for top quality delivery. Do not work with a service provider having history of delay. Finally, visit their brick and mortal outlet to see things for yourself before you employ them.