Indoor Hanging Planters: An Essential, Introductory Guide

Our name, Hundred Acre Wood, symbolises many things…

It’s at once a nod to the whimsical, calming nature of our hand-picked planters, and a portrayal of how far we’re willing to travel to make your home that little bit greener.

But Hundred Acre Wood also refers to the multitude of choice regarding indoor hanging planters. There are just so many planters and plants out there that, at times, the search for the right one can leave you feeling as though you’re scuttling through the bracken like a dormouse in an elusive, futile, cyclical hunt.

But you can now rest easy; your scuttling days are behind you. Because this indoor planter guide has everything you need to become informed, nay, an expert in the hanging planter world.

Choosing your Planter

Choosing the right planter is analogous to the world of Harry Potter. Each one casts its own spell of tranquillity and beauty, but knowing which spell to cast depends on your aesthetic taste and environment.

We were once muggles too, yet to fully comprehend the power of lush greenery and needing a gentle reminder of the transformative magic indoor plants convey. But with these planters, we feel like we’ve graduated from Hogwarts.


A modern apartment often features stainless steel fittings, minimal designs and a stark contrast of colours, which makes a shiny, bold copper planter stand out with aplomb.

Sure to inspire praise, a copper planter works perfectly with stark black, white or silver shades. What’s more, copper works incredibly well with earthy brown and leaf green, which is handy given how common these two colours are found in plants.


Timeless for a reason, ceramic pots infuse that perfect balance of style and substance. They’re basically the Meryl Streep of planters…consistent, everlasting and a fan favourite.

Strong enough to withstand a kick in the balls from a Doc Marten wearing, gym junkie skinhead yet chic enough to withstand the ire of that friend of yours who you love to death but is always critiquing you for your decor choices, ceramic will create limitless options.


If you think floating gardens are a concept reserved for video games or fantasy movies, you ought to think again. In fact you may need to re-think your whole mentality!

Industrial planters feature a fantastic, large diameter and sturdy chains to hang from, which means you can plant a range of plants in each planter and have a mini hundred acre wood in one pot. They’re mostly versatile too, which means the kitchen, living room or conservatory are all great options to hang these from.

Getting Down to Earth

The next item is soil. You will need some. And depending on your level of interest, soil can make a huge difference to the wellbeing and longevity of your plant.

Succulents, for example, prefer a coarse, well-drained soil that is about one-third sand while seedlings should be grown in a light, moisture-retentive, soilless mix.

In Bloom: Flowers, Ferns and Succulents

Which leads us nicely to the plants themselves. At Hundred Acre Wood, we’re ardent supporters of plant diversity. We seek to end plant discrimination by working tirelessly to improve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all species, irrespective of colour, creed, culture or gender.

That being said, our human fallibilities get the better of us sometimes; when they do, our trained eye usually gravitates towards these stunning families:


Did you know? Early fern fossils date back over 360 million years!

Colour, texture and versatility, ferns are a natural choice for indoor planting. Many species originated from the tropics, which is why these plants thrive well in the high humidity environment of bathrooms.

Many ferns are quite happy in shady spots too, like the beautiful Maidenhair or Fishbone ferns for example. We’ll go into more detail in the next post, but here’s an article about growing ferns indoors that you might find useful in the meantime.


Succulents are renowned for being easy to grow. When Destiny’s Child warble about being a survivor, they were likely inspired by the very spirit and passion of succulents.

Succulents are a popular choice for all ages because their attractiveness is equal, whether as a minimal, standalone entity or combined with an orgy of other variegated succulents.


We get it, some people find ferns and succulents a tad boring because they don’t really do anything. They just grow. If you feel like you fall in this bracket, then you’ll want to consider pretty flowering plants.

Orchids, geraniums, primrose, jasmine and violets are all popular choices and many of these flower all year round for 365 days of colour.

We hope this guide has provided you with some 101 information about indoor hanging planters. If you liked it, we’ll be posting regular blog posts like this so keep an eye on our blog.

And for more about us, be sure to check out (and Like) our Hundred Acre Wood Facebook page or get shopping for your perfect hanging planter now.