How Your Business Could Benefit From Wireless Printing

At the start of the New Year, it’s important for businesses to evaluate their growth and development. Are they going in the right direction and moving with the times technology wise?

The evolution of workplaces towards a mobile or online way of working means that these days, tethering to one machine is just not practical.

There are lots of situations where someone might need lots of printing done at once, for example, for things such as training manuals or monthly reports, while someone else might need a document such as presentation material or a contract printing off more urgently.

So it’s important to balance these needs within a diverse office with various departments all having demands with different needs.

Practical, Safe and More Productive

From a safety point of view there aren’t lots of dangerous cables lying around which minimises the risk of a trip or fall hazard.

And it’s highly convenient that anybody in the office can send something to the printer, no matter where they are.

Because of wireless printing’s high performance it also means that you need less printers in general around the office.

How Your Business Could Benefit From Wireless Printing

Offices are going Mobile Ready

Also due to the number of people now using mobile devices like tablets – and even smartphones in the workplace for their daily tasks, it’s important that an office is built around this.

It is helpful that offices are moving more towards this approach for a number of reasons; it vastly reduces operating costs for a start, improves productivity, helps employee satisfaction and management of a variety of tasks with the use of multi-screen.

It is therefore almost compulsory for businesses to have a mobile print ready solution in place – all that is needed is a Wifi connection. It’s that simple.

You can Print Even from your Car

Google Cloud Print has enabled printing securely from offsite – meaning that the process of printing has been completely transformed. For example, the traditional image of a line of employees all gathered round the printer waiting for their document to load onto the print tray, and unable to move ahead with their workload until it’s done is now a thing of the past.

Because of Google Cloud Print, there doesn’t need to be a physical presence in the office in order to print, so people can send a document to the printer so that it’s ready and waiting for them once they get there, saving them a lot of time and providing a convenient, immediate solution that aids productivity.

Find Out More About Wireless Printing

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