How To Take Outstanding Bodybuilding Photos

Bodybuilding is hard work and it’s something that men and women do in order to build strength and develop healthy and fit bodies. If you’re like most bodybuilders, you probably want to track the results from your training and you may just want to show those results off online.

Many people do so by adding their bodybuilding photos to social media, personal blogs and websites. The key to taking outstanding bodybuilding photos is learning technique and this means discovering exactly how to use your camera and how to edit the pictures that you do take.

How To Take Outstanding Bodybuilding Photos

Today, we’d like to provide some advice on how to take great bodybuilding photos.

Photography Tips for Excellent Pictures

Most bodybuilders make a point of having a tan before they do their photo shoots. We recommend safe self-tanners as they create a golden glow without the risk of sun cancer and photo-aging. Real tanning is bad for the skin. So, use a self-tanner or get a spray tan before you start taking fitness photos.

You’ll find that a tan helps to make you look super-healthy and also highlights your muscle development. Of course, you don’t have to be tan in order to get great photos. However, you won’t notice too many bodybuilders in fitness magazines who don’t have deep tans.

Next, you might want to consider performing a full body exercise before taking the photos. This can help swell your muscles full of blood, providing a ripped, swollen and muscular look. As well, Nitric Oxide Supplements can help increase this effect. In particular, Nitric Oxide ingredients found in pre-workout supplementslike Muscle Pharm Assault or standalone supplements that containAgmatineSulfate.

In fact, my suggestion would be to go with the AgmatineSulfate supplement if you are serious about taking outstanding bodybuilding photos. Essentially AgmatineSulfate increases your muscles performance while also helping your muscles to retain more fluid, resulting in a bigger appearance. If you are interested, do some research on AgmatineSulfate and see if it is the right supplement for you. However regardless if you take a pre-workout supplement or a supplement containing AgmatineSulfate, it will help with the size and appearance of both blood veins around the muscles and also the muscles themselves. Keep in mind, this type of preparation is more suited to glamour shot rather than progression shots.

Now that your body is photo ready, let’s focus on the techniques used to capture bodybuilding images. The best way to take steady and professional photos is with a tripod on your digital camera. This will allow you to set up shots in advance and to avoid selfies (which become really boring to look at) and camera shake (if a buddy is taking the pictures). You’ll find that a lot of affordable tripods are out there and using one will help you to get results which are much more professional! With a tripod, you may utilize bright lighting and a faster shutter speed. Bright lighting shows off fine detail and faster shutter speeds reduce the risk of blurry pictures.

Bodybuilders who track their fitness with photos are recommended to choose appealing and consistent backgrounds, which welcome a bit of contrast. Whatever your background is, it should be clean and fresh-looking. For example, don’t take photos in a messy kitchen or bedroom. If you’re fair, choose a darker background. If you’re on the darker side, a lighter background will be perfect.

Good lighting is also important. Brighter is generally better. Dim lighting looks quite amateurish. It’s best if your digital camera has a flash. If you use a tripod, you may not need it, as you’ll be able to have brighter room lighting. If you don’t have a tripod, you should definitely use a flash.

How to Edit Your Photos

Use these tips to get better pictures. Then, tweak them by editing them in PhotoShop or a free photo editing program like G.I.M.P. There are plenty of editing programs to choose from and most will allow you to adjust light, apply filters, crop and remove flaws. This final step will help you to get the Muscle & Fitness Magazine look!