How To Stop Basement Water Leaks

Water leakage problems in your basement can result to many problems such as molds, decay, foundation erosion and water-borne bacteria. Such troubles are caused by water pressure applied to the basement that causes structural damage to the basement foundation. These kinds of problems must acted upon to resolve and will not disappear on its own.

How To Stop Basement Water Leaks

Ways to Stop Basement Water Leaks

There are four possible ways of preventing water leakage.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

It involves cleaning and inspecting of the exterior foundation wall to check for any crack. After excavating, the walls are coated with waterproofing covering. Then, a new drainage or weeping tiles are placed and checked if it is connected to the drain and if it is working properly.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Homeowners who are concerned with the landscape and outside appearance of their house might prefer this method. Water coming from cracks or other defects is collected with wall vapor barriers and drip moldings installed. This water is then directed outside the basement with the aid of sump pumps.

Window Well Repairs

Regular cleaning of window every season can lower the chance of water overflow significantly. Sometimes it may be too late for a repair if you fail to maintain the window well, in such cases, professional help is needed.

*Sump pumps keep water out of the basement. They are used to remove water collected in the sump basin and direct water away from your house.

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