How to Save Your Belongings From Water Damage

Many areas around the country are prone to extreme weather, including hurricanes. In fact, flooding from storm surges can happen year-round in many coastal regions or areas where flash floods are common. In many cases, you can prevent water damage from happening in the first case. However, even if it does occur, you can have a plan in place now to help prevent long-term damage. Residents need to know how to protect their property against flooding and know what to do after a flood.

Install Storm Shutters and Doors

If your home doesn’t already have storm shutters, install them as soon as possible. Storm shutters protect your windows from breaking during a severe storm as do steel storm doors. Not only do storm shutters protect the interior of your home from flooding, but they also limit the danger of flying shards of glass, which could injure people in your home. A wrought iron or steel storm door also adds a layer of protection not only against storms but also home invasions.

Keep Sandbags on Hand

Have a stack of sandbags ready for the next time there is a storm alert. You can stack these where water might seep into your home, like along the bottom edges of doors. If old-fashioned sandbags are too heavy for you to lift, there are alternatives. For example, diversion tubes can be rolled up when not in use. In the event of a storm, the tubes can be placed along with a door and filled with water from a hose. Another version of the barrier tube is filled with a lightweight powder that expands when exposed to water. All of these barriers will keep flood water from seeping under your doors and into your home.

Move Essentials to Higher Ground

If you have a second floor, keep your important papers, family photos, and books there. If you have a single-story home, keep these items on a high shelf. If you live in a flood zone, do not store anything important in a basement. If a storm is approaching, move paper and cloth items off of the floor. Particularly important things should be stored in a waterproof lockbox somewhere safe.

Unplug Electrical Appliances and Turn Off Your Power

If local officials say to do so, turn off your power at the main switch. Flooding could cause not only electrical shorts but also electrocution. It’s better to spend a few hours in the dark than to risk yourself or a family member being electrocuted.

Be Prepared for Water Damage Restoration

Despite your best efforts, your home could still experience flooding. Water damage restoration companies, such as Servpro of Beaufort County, can help clean up any damage. They have the equipment to quickly extract any flood water from your home, and also dry it. You must address any water damage immediately before mold begins to grow.

Experiencing flooding in any area of your home can be incredibly stressful. Not only is a flooding event very hard to clean up, it can also cause a lot of damage to your belongings and the house itself. When you have a flood in your home, you may assume that you can save some money and clean everything up yourself. However, doing everything on your own can be a big mistake. In the event of a flood in your house, the very best thing that you can do is hire a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Some of the top reasons to invest in the services of a water damage restoration company include the following.

Speed of Clean Up

If you have a flooded area anywhere in your home, time is of the essence. The faster you can have the water removed and the area cleaned up, the less damage you will have to deal with. Using towels, fans, and a mop to clean up a flooded area can be incredibly time-consuming, and it can take a very long time to complete the clean up. Water damage restoration companies have specialized equipment, such as wet vacs, water pumps, high powered fans, and dehumidifiers that can quickly remove all water in a room and completely dry the area out.

Properly Assessing the Damage

Just because water has been removed and the flooded area is dry, it does not mean that you’re in the clear. Flooding events inside the home often cause a lot of damage that can’t easily be seen, especially by someone who has no experience dealing with floods. When your home floods, the water can seep into your subfloor, your drywall, and crawl spaces of your basement. An experienced water damage restoration company will be able to assess the damage to your home after the water is removed and make recommendations about what types of repairs you need to have made.

Keep Your Home Safe

One of the biggest issues with a flooding event in your home is mold growth. Living in a home with mold can be dangerous, especially for people who have severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues. Since a water damage restoration company removes water fast and dries out the area quickly, the risk of mold is minimized. In the event that mold growth is discovered, a water damage restoration company has the expertise and tools to properly remove mold in order to keep your family safe.

The coast is a beautiful place to live, but it’s not without severe weather. Being prepared will ensure your family and belongings are kept safe.