How To Reset A Stuck Roller Door and Get Yourself Unstuck

A roller door can be a valuable addition to any property and with the simple click of a button, hey presto! The doors open quickly and easily with no fuss. Roller doors can be a great investment but it is important to ensure that only a reputable company is employed to install a roller door, to reduce the chances of it getting stuck. This will require some background research to be done on the provider and it is a good idea to do everything from reading online reviews to checking out social media posts to create a picture of the company in terms of professionalism and the quality of their work.

However, even the best roller doors fitted by the best companies can sometimes have a problem and can get stuck. After finding good quality roller doors in Perth, London or wherever in the world the property is based and getting them installed by a reputable company and then having a problem, by far the best course of action to take is to contact the company to get them to help to resolve the issue.

However, there are also a few things that people can try themselves and here’s what can be done:

  1. First of all, diagnose the underlying problem

Working out why the garage door is stuck is vital and it is a good idea to check all of the following possibilities:

  • The batteries have run out in the remote control
  • They have frozen shut in cold weather
  • Dirt has gotten into the mechanism
  • Look at the tracks for any signs of damage
  • A spring or pulley has broken or come loose
  • Check the circuit breaker in the garage hasn’t tripped out or blown
  • Look for an obstruction in the way stopping it from being able to open or close
  1. Then try resetting the system

If there are not any obvious signs as to why the system isn’t working, then it is a good idea to reset it. The reset process will vary depending on the type of door that has been installed and some companies will be able to walk people through the process over the phone, while others may prefer to come and do the reset themselves.

  1. If all else fails, get professional help

After looking for the problem and/or resetting the system and there is still an issue, then the best thing to do is contact the provider for assistance. This is the best option, as they will be able to look into the unit without causing any further damage and even the highest quality of roller doors in Perth with WA Roller Doors can sometimes get stuck, so it is well worth getting expert help to avoid doing any damage to the system.

It is a good idea to get roller doors regularly serviced, to help to avoid a problem with them getting stuck either in the shut or the open position – and of course, in the dreaded half-open/closed position as well.