How To Protect Yourself From Water Damage?

Water damage could be caused by many different things and it requires an adequate care. Unfortunately, it may not be possible for us to completely avoid any kind of water damage. However, we should be able to do the following things:

  • Contact the water damage inspection and repair services as soon as possible after we spot one. We shouldn’t wait until the next day.
  • Before professional help arrives, we should do everything we can to extract water and reduce humidity levels. If it happens to our wood furniture in our house, we should immediately remove them from the epicentre of water damage. The general high humidity level could escalate and cause additional damages in our home. We could open all the windows to let the excess humidity escapes from the enclosed space. We may also turn on the fan and put some dehumidifier as preliminary steps. Some water damage repair services also provide storage and relocation assistance for our belongings.
  • If water damages are extensive enough, we may need some financial support from the insurance company. In this case, we should choose water damage restoration company that has close relationship with reputable insurance agency. They should help us to quickly begin the restoration process.
  • In a more serious case, water damage could be caused by sewage overflow and it should be necessary to solve this problem more quickly, because sewage water could be rich in nutrients that make mold grow faster than when it is caused only by leakage of rainwater or clean water. Water damage inspection professionals should be able to assist us and offer valuable information on whether our belongings are still usable.
  • Water damage may also cause the overall reduction in air quality. Hardwood flooring, upholstery and drywall could also get damaged more easily. It should also a good idea if the restoration company also has full service wood floor and carpet restorations, as well as upholstery and vent cleaning services.

If local water damage restoration services are not available in our area, at least we could do the following:

  • Remove sources of excess water whenever possible by blotting and mopping it.
  • Wipe wet furniture cushion off and dry them by wiping it off. If possible, place them directly under the sunlight for a few days to make sure that they are completely dry.
  • Make sure all the furniture has been wiped dry, so the wood won’t be soaked with water for an extended period of time.
  • Move all our art objects, paintings and photos to a dry and safe place
  • Open all drawers and closet doors to ensure better air flow
  • Check for wet fabrics and try to dry them
  • Damp books are ideal habitat for mildew and mold, we should spread them out and dry them under the sun
  • Avoid using household vacuum to remove excess water

Clearing blocked drain in our bathroom isn’t fun, but we could use strainers on the drain to prevent hair from clogging the drain. Check the strainer each weekend and remove any hair on it.

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