How To Motivate Employees

Your employees are your company’s most valuable assets—not the expensive equipment or your well-kept trade secrets. Treating your employees as valued resources isn’t just for their benefit because your company stands to gain from it.

At Open Change we know what makes an effective workforce tick. While managing your business – here are several ways to make them feel valuable:

Tip #1: Celebrate their first day of work

Motivating employees start on the first day of the job. For starters, tell them sincerely how thrilled you are to have them aboard. Next, hold a team lunch. If you’re busy, re-schedule it another day; just make sure it happens. You can also ready their calling card so that they have something to show their family after work.

Tip #2: Hold morning stand-ups

A company-wide huddle is a great way to start the day. You can announce good news to motivate your employees, but make sure you reveal the challenges as well to make them aware. If you have the vigour, personally lead the huddle to energise your people. Or you can assign it to someone peppy and gregarious.

Tip #3: Set career paths

Employees get inspired once they find out that they have room for growth within the organisation. Of course, this growth isn’t assured as their advancement depends on them; but given a career path, your employees have something to aim for within the company, not outside of it.

Tip #4: Have a good working environment

Another factor important to employee motivation is their working environment. Do your employees have enough room in the office? Are their seats comfortable? How about the temperature? Does the workplace look presentable? Remember: no one likes to work in a cramped, hot, and uncomfortable office.

Tip #5: Give leadership roles

Giving leadership roles is a great way to boost employee morale. However, this doesn’t mean you have to promote employees to a managerial position just to inspire them. You can give your people tasks in overseeing other employees. For instance, you can assign someone to facilitate meetings or lead training sessions.

Tip #6: Schedule offsite social gatherings

One way to develop esprit de corps is to hold offsite social gatherings like pizza lunches and bowling to allow your employees to connect. This would also break the routine, keep things fresh, foster a positive working environment and motivate your employees want the group to succeed.

Tip #7: Award time off

Use time off as a reward for contests among teams. In this context, time off refers to additional breaks, extended lunch periods, or early dismissals. For instance, you can have two teams compete over output and the winning group will enjoy an extra 30 minutes in their lunch break. You’ll be surprised—employees would actually choose time off over cash.

Tip #8: Applaud publicly

When you recognise an employee for accomplishments or contributions, make sure you do so publicly. You can award a trophy or plaque, and make sure that all of you actually applaud. This gives a clear message to the employee that he or she is appreciated.

Tip #9: Reprimand in private

When you correct or discipline an employee, make sure you do this in private. If possible, do it discreetly. Letting everyone know that you wish to speak to someone privately is almost as bad as a public dressing-down. Make sure you reprimand with empathy to avoid humiliating the employee. Your people would be more loyal for this.