How To Make Your Own Magnetic Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer is a typical laboratory equipment that lets scientists and researchers stir compound elements constantly, consistently and without making a mess if it is done properly. Laboratory-grade magnetic stirrers will cost you a huge amount of money, but no need to worry as you can make your DIY magnetic stirrer.
With your own version of this laboratory equipment, it can provide you added features, such as a variable stirring speed, that are the same as those offered by a professional setup and what’s more interesting is that you have your own at a cheaper cost. The following are steps you need to follow to create this important tool:
1. You have to glue the rare-earth magnets, spaced equally, onto the steel washer.
2. You must remove any safety screen from the top of the fan. Then, attach the steel washer to the top of the fan so that it spins level, with the magnets on the top.
3. Mount the square of plastic or wood above the washer as this will serve as your stirring platform. Use spacers to get the desired distance and make sure the square sits just above the spinning magnets.
4. You must connect the power supply to the fan according to the brand specifications. Most will necessitate you to solder the power supply to the matching leads on the fan.
5. You have to place the beaker on top of the platform. Then, add the substances you like to mix and drop in the stir rod.  Once you have activated the fan, the bar will spin in proportion to the movement of the spinning magnets.
6. You must remove the stirring rod after mixing. Turn off the mixer and use the magnetic rod to pick up the stir rod. Then, you have to wash and dry both items before keeping them in place.
There you go, your magnetic stirrers are now ready for use. Get started with that unfinished experiment you needed done today!