How To Make Roses Last Longer: 9 Pro Tips

Roses are beautiful flowers which comes in wide variety of colors and sizes. By giving the right care, they can be kept fresh for a week and half or even more after being cut. To keep them from sagging, change their water every day, use a clean vase and place them in a cool spot. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind while buying roses and keep them fresh and lively.

Cut Down Roses Early in The Morning

If you’re cutting roses from your own bushes, try to cut them as early as possible in the morning before it gets hot outside. The reason behind this is, it will keep them from sagging just after cutting. After cutting roses, immediately put the stems in a clean bucket containing fresh water.

Squeeze the Roses Where Petal Meet Stem

It is a sure way of figuring out whether the rose is still fresh or not. When you’re buying rose, before you make the purchase, gently squeeze them at their base, if they feel squishy or loose, they are old so you should avoid buying them.

Inspect The Roses For Broken Petals

Find the roses which are well-formed, colorful petals. Examine tips of petal to ensure that they aren’t brown or broken. When you buy roses or cut them from your bush, you should remove a few petals which are damaged as their nothing much you can do to improve the appearance of damaged tips of petals.

Keep Them In Water On The Way Home

Roses suffer when they are out of water, even for a few minutes, and they won’t stay fresh long. So, when you go to a flower shop, you might wanna take bucket or something with you so that you have a place to keep the roses watered on the way back to home. If you forget to bring bucket, ask your florist to have the roses delivered to your house packed with water.

Remove Leaves From The Stems

The portion of the stems should be completely free of leaves because leaves left underwater starts to rot which causes bacteria gather into the vase. These bacterias make the roses to die a lot more quickly. You can leave some leaves at the top of stem if you want, but remove anything that goes underwater in the vase.

How To Make Roses Last Longer: 9 Pro Tips

Keep Trimming Them Every Few Days

Doing this could help the roses take in more water efficiently. When the tips of stems become a little damaged, use the same technique and make sure that your tools are clean cutting underwater at a 45 degree angle.

Use A Sparkling Clean Vase

If you just rinse your vase, bacterias can still live inside the vase and damage your fresh flowers. Therefore, clean your vase with hot, soapy water and scrub the inside surface with a bottle brush or something then rinse it completely before proceeding.

Change The Water Every Few Days

After every 2-3 three days, change the vase water to ensure that bacterial growth isn’t becoming an issue for damaging the roses. Fill your vase with more fresh water, more flower food and the correct amount of bleach.

Keep The Roses Cool

Roses can stay fresh for many days, if you keep them in a cool place. Instantly change your vase place if its near sunny windows or the rooms of your house that tend to be warmer from inside. You can store your roses in the refrigerator overnight to keep them cool when you’re sleeping and display them back on the table during day.

Final Tip

You can also make a home-made preservative to keep your roses last longer: Dissolve 2 tablespoon white vinegar and 3 tablespoon of sugar per liter of warm water. The sugar helps to nourish the roses and the vinegar inhibits bacterial growth. You’ll be surprised to see the results!