How To Make A Personal Injury Claim

There are many instances when a person might feel that the injuries they sustained were the cause of negligence by a third party. It could be that the person was travelling as a passenger is someone’s car, and if the car was involved in an accident, and the driver was at fault, then the injured party can make a personal injury claim.

Gathering Evidence

As with all legal matters, the onus is on proof, and in the case of a personal injury, it is wise to take photos of the scene, along with your injuries, and if there were any witnesses to the incident, it is vital that you obtain their contact details, as your personal injury lawyer will want them to make a statement about the incident. One must also make contact with an experienced personal injury lawyer, and the Internet can really be of assistance. Should you be looking for legal services in Yorkshire, or any other part of the British Isles, an online search would help you locate the right legal counsel that isn’t too far from your home.

Free Initial Consultation

The days when you had to pay to even talk to a lawyer are far behind us, and with online legal experts, you can very quickly discover whether or not your claim would be successful.  The lawyer is prepared to meet you and discuss your situation, and if, in their professional opinion, your case is strong, the solicitor would likely offer to represent you on a “No Win-No Fee” basis. Should the solicitor feel your case has insufficient evidence, they would strongly advise you not to pursue the matter, and this free consultation allows you to make an informed decision without incurring any expense.

Informing Relevant Parties

In the event your legal counsel agrees to represent you, it is essential to make contact with the third party who was allegedly negligent, and this would typically be done with a registered letter. Once the other party has received your letter informing them of your injuries and claim proposal, they can also seek out a lawyer to represent them in court.

Out of Court Settlement

In many cases, the third party does not dispute their negligence and there is much evidence to support the fact, and in that case, both parties would negotiate out of court, which usually results in a compensation amount being agreed upon. This is much cheaper than solving the matter in court, as legal costs are kept to a minimum, and the courts are best utilised with cases where there is strong dispute.

There are certain legal practices that specialise in personal injury claims and most have an online presence, so if you are ever in need of such a lawyer, an online search will definitely help. Unlike the past, there is no need to spend money on legal fees and hope you are successful, as the personal injury lawyer would take the case on a no win-no fee basis.