How to Maintain Ethical SEO Practices?

SEO professionals should already know that there are various techniques that allow us to increase our website’s rankings. It is also quite easy to know ethical and unethical ways to gain haigher positions in search engine results. Many website owners are not aware of the difference. With each major algorithm update, implementing SEO tactics can be more difficult. However, we should know that unethical methods are quite frowned upon. If we implement too many bad methods, it is quite easy that we will be penalized or banned by Google. We should know what to do if our website is banned due to various unethical techniques. Bad SEO methods should be seen as virulent plague and we need to avoid it at all costs.

SEO professionals should check the current situation. Google Webmaster Tools should allow us to take a much closer look. We should be able to check any message, warning and error that can be detected by Google bots. We should check servers to see whether they have been affected by malware. It is important to consider whether robots.txt is intact and has proper code. Content should also be checked to see whether it could attract incoming backlinks. The comment section should also be checked to see whether there’s spam attempt. If we want to maintain ethical SEO effort, we should clean up our act. In this case, we should fix any infringement, problem and error. If we do this, we should know that it may take some time.

Cleaning up our SEO effort could feel like a real punishment, but we should retrace all of our steps and immediately remove any bad methods that we implement. All offending items should be eliminated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult to do if we hired SEO professionals in the past. It means that we don’t know things that have been implemented before. So, if we want to hire SEO consultants, we should make sure that they are highly reputable. If we discover bad practices in the past, we could consider legal actions against SEO firms that used unethical SEO methods for our website in the past. As an example, there are hidden keywords and links tucked away somewhere inside the HTML code.

Conten should be checked carefully and we need to make sure that each content is permitted. If we obtained content from third-party sources, we should check it for spam, keyword stuffing and other illegal tactics. Comments in our webpages should also be checked. Anything that looks spammy should be eliminated immediately. If we are accused for something that we didn’t do, we shouldn’t be panic and explain our situation. It is better to fix the problems immediately than arguing too much. If we are responsive enough, search engines could reconsider our position. If we do things properly, Google will reposition our website and we should always know that Googlebots are watching us. This should be a great thing to do and we will gain success!