How To Keep Your Home In Tip-top Shape In All Seasons

Home is our dream abode. It is the place where we love to go back after work every day and relax. It is the place where we spend so many memorable moments of our life and wish to live there till the last breath of our life.

When our home means so much to us, isn’t it obvious that we should take care of it with love? At least, I feel so. And, I think anyone who loves his/her home would share the same sentiment. So, here I am with a list of tips that can help you maintain your home in all seasons. Have a look at the tips and use them.


  • Clean your gutters since lots of water and debris accumulate during winter.
  • Clean shower heads so that there are no sediments.
  • Read your refrigerator manual carefully and clean the freezer coils.
  • Check your roof window, porches, decks, patios, kitchen, and stairs to see if there is any damage.
  • Keep the air conditioners in a good condition so as to get maximum benefits.


  • Replace your furnace filters.
  • Inspect your indoor fireplace and clean it properly. You need it to survive the chilly winter.
  • Check all your windows and find out if there are leaks.
  • Check if there are damaged tiles on your roof.
  • Set the central heating between 21C temperature.
  • Keep the loft latch door open. Let the warm air reach the loft and stop the cold tank from freezing.
  • Get your boiler checked by a registered engineer preferably before winter kicks in.
  • Grab a carbon-monoxide and check your gas appliances and chimney.
  • Insulate your loft and wall cavity.
  • Ask your friend or a relative to take a look at your home when you are away. At least, your friend can take prompt action when you suffer a burst pipe. Just let him or her know where the stopcock is located.


  • Make your home sparkling clean since this is the perfect weather.
  • Check if your garden has been damaged during the brutal winter season. Fix the cracked walls and broken fence.
  • Find out if there is too much moss growth over your roof.
  • Check if the air bricks are clean and remove the cobwebs.
  • Analyze the condition of the window glass and frames.
  • Open all the window of your house. Let the fresh air and sunshine enter your house. Often, we keep all the windows closed during winter to keep the house warm. This makes the air stale and increases the moisture content in your room.


Please hire a home inspector once in 5 years. Don’t think about your budget at least in this particular instance since you can spend some money for your dream abode. Isn’t it? From roof window to your kitchen to your bathroom, the home inspector will check every nook and corner of your house. He will give you a detailed report with digital pictures, which will give you an idea about the areas where you need to work on.