How to Improve Your Tennis Game

If there is one sport that is absolutely perfect for the summer months it is tennis, a great chance to get outside and play a high energy and fun sport. I have already hit the court and played several sets on my local grass courts with my buddy Chase Rubin and after shaking the rust off I have identified a few areas of my game which I am going to work on improving this year. If you like to play tennis and also are looking to improve, then here are some of the tips which I’ll be following this year, and some which could help you too.

Get the Racket Right

The first thing that I always do at the start of a new tennis season is to get some new strings and a new grip on my tennis racket. This is a key part of playing better and it is not a case of making excuses bit rather to give yourself the best opportunity to improve. It is the racket which will be doing most of the work for you so in order to improve, you must first make sure that your racket is in good shape.


You are never too old or too experienced to benefit from coaching and the majority of tennis clubs will offer some form of coaching program. My advice to your would be to join a coaching program so that you can identify and work on your weaknesses. Having someone to give you that little bit of advice is perfect when you are looking to improve and you can also measure your improvement week on week.

Play Matches

Knocking a ball about with a friend can help you to work on some new strokes or perhaps try out that double-handed backhand, but the only way that you are really going to improve is through playing as many matches as you can. If possible, you should aim to play these matches against someone who is better than you, a great way to do this is by entering competitions, when you play someone of a higher level it forces you to up your game to in order to compete. You may get embarrassed along the way but the experience will be crucial to your improvement.

Play Regularly

Playing regular tennis is vital to your improvement and if you take a week or two off then you could find yourself going backwards. You only have a few months in the summer to enjoy your tennis and this is the perfect time for you to improve, because of this, you should take every opportunity that you can to pick up your racket and play some games, try to avoid taking too long away from the court if you truly want to improve upon the weaknesses which you may have in your game. Remember, practice, practice and practice some more if you want to get better!