How to Handle Living With A Chronic Skin Condition

A chronic skin condition can completely derail your life if it comes out of nowhere. It can have the potential to lower your quality of life and make you miserable if you allow it. Learning how to handle living with your chronic skin condition can change your life for the better though. You will need to understand how to cope both emotionally and physically when you are uncomfortable or suffering from your skin condition to find freedom. The following are a few tips on how you can handle living with a chronic skin condition.

Find the Right Physician

The problem with having a chronic skin condition is making physicians believe that you’re actually suffering. Unless they’ve suffered from it themselves, they may not be all that sympathetic to you having a rash or other skin condition. It’s vital that you find one that takes you seriously. With medical support at your back, you may be able to finally find a solution that works for your condition. You might have to visit a few different physicians near you before you end up finding the right one. Don’t settle for anyone you don’t feel completely comfortable with. You will want to make sure they are someone you can express any of your concerns with and who is trustworthy to you. Their personality can also make a difference. Find someone who you can find connections and common interests with. This will make you want to keep visiting them for your regular checkups. 

Manage Your Stress

There’s no question that stress can make a skin condition problem even worse. You may even only have your condition occur when you’re stressed. Meditation and breathing techniques are one of the most common ways to deal with stress. When you learn how to do both expertly, you can ease your stress and reduce your symptoms. You can also find ways to manage your stress after work. Having hobbies that keep you relaxed and keep your mind off your condition are always helpful. Try picking up some new creative hobbies. It might even be a good idea to try out these new hobbies with some friends for extra support and fun. 

Keep Exercising

While hitting the gym or taking walks may not be a cure for your skin condition, it can make managing it easier. Exercise improves your fitness and health. Moving your body helps your circulation, improves every aspect of your health, and makes you feel good. When you feel good, you don’t feel stressed or in pain. Flare-ups may make you want to skip out on exercise. Don’t let it. Keep at your fitness regime and enjoy the benefits. In order to stick to a regular exercise routine, find something you love doing. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to do an intense workout everyday. Something as simple as some at-home yoga or a 2 mile walk can be beneficial for your overall health. Plus, exercising will release endorphins and make you less prone to stress and feeling overwhelmed about your skin condition. 

Find Emotional Support

You’re not the only one suffering from a chronic skin condition. There are plenty of atopic dermatitis disease resources out there. You should find a community and join it. As a member of the emotional support group, you can finally talk about your experience with those who understand it. Being able to emotionally connect with others over a shared experience can be liberating. You can find support groups for your condition both online and in person. If you find an online group you can even plan meetups to get to know each other and build bonds and friendships. Don’t underestimate the power of having a strong support group when you are struggling both physically and mentally. 


Perhaps an overlooked tip for handling living with a chronic skin condition is to rest. It’s already hard enough to rest without a skin condition. Those who do suffer from a chronic skin condition need to rest even more. Resting helps reduce your stress and gives your body a chance to calm down and heal. In some cases, it can be the number one thing that will help you be on the road to recovery. It’s okay to cancel plans to enjoy a night in. Never be too hard on yourself when you feel like you need a night or whole day to relax. Know that it will ultimately be benefiting your health. 

Find Tools That Work for You Personally

Everyone is different. Your skin condition and your ways of dealing with it will be different from someone else. Don’t base your healing progress off someone who has the same condition as you. Experiment with different healing methods for your physical condition and listen to any recommendations to try out from your dermatologist or physician. Don’t try medications or skin care products that you don’t personally feel comfortable with either. Know what works for you mentally as well. If yoga and meditation helps you cope with physical ailments, do those things. Being easy on yourself when it comes to these things will make living with your condition feel much more freeing. 

You’re not alone. You can find support for living with a chronic skin condition. Try some of these suggested tips above in your life to help manage your own skin condition. You can be on your way to healing your physical and mental health quickly.