How To Get Your Home Ready For Hurricane Season

The hurricane season is officially upon us, with the Pacific active from the middle of May and the Atlantic ready to begin with the onset of June. Being prepared before the hurricane actually hits is the best way to successfully weather the storm. In the rush to have your emergency kit and evacuation route planned, don’t forget a few simple steps to get your home ready, too.

Pacific Vs Atlantic

Most American homes are in danger from Atlantic hurricanes, as storms that form in the Pacific often turn west, away from the US coastline. However, expats that live, work, or own property in Mexico will want to heed Pacific weather warnings. The coast of Oaxaca and Guerrero state are the most affected, and these regions include the popular resort towns of Acapulco and Huatulco. Any beachside venue along the Pacific Coast, up to and including the Baja Peninsula, will also be affected.

Securing Your Home

No matter where your home or property is, the steps to home storm preparation are universal. Depending on the size and design of your home, you can enlist the help of professionals to board up your windows. A professional service can custom cut protective panels to perfectly fit every window in your home.

Other steps are as much as part of home maintenance as they are hurricane preparedness. Make sure that the trees near your home are sufficiently trimmed and healthy enough to withstand a storm. Secure any patio furniture or playsets by bringing them inside. Remember that a hurricane wind can pick up a car, so make sure your own vehicle is secured in the garage.

Weather Alerts and Communication

Essentially, keeping yourself and your property safe is a matter of watching the sky and staying informed. Floodwaters and mudslides are just as destructive as strong winds, perhaps even more so, as homeowners are less likely to prepare for such factors. Virtually every weather service has an international or bilingual counterpart if the local radio is unavailable. Utilize the apps on your phone along with the data connection if Wi-Fi is down.

Staying informed and being prepared in advance is the best way to get you and your home through hurricane season with minimal wear and tear. Don’t hesitate to use all of the information and resources available to you. Remember that not every job is a do-it-yourself. Investing in professional help will save time, money, and your precious possessions in the long run.