How To Find A Serviced Office In Auckland Without The Stress

The serviced office is growing in popularity among young entrepreneurs in central Auckland. This is primarily because the leasing model provides a solution to rising rent costs. The clue is in the name here. If you go ‘serviced,’ your business is catered for in every way.

While this might sound counterintuitive when it comes to saving money, serviced vendors include everything in one monthly fee. This makes it much easier to manage the day to day expenses associated with running a company.

The good news is it’s relatively easy to find a serviced office in Auckland – Servcorp NZ is a highly regarded provider with a lot of amazing suites. Keep reading for tips on becoming a serviced tenant.

Look for the Right Tools

Cost is certainly a big priority, particularly if you’re quite a small business. However, it’s no good having the cheapest rates in town if the space doesn’t fit your needs. Therefore, you’re advised to put the suitability of tools and resources before cost.

That way, you’re guaranteed to have all of the essentials. Start with broadband. Even small companies need fast, reliable internet that allows them to stay in touch with customers. Certainly, if you get any of your revenue from e-commerce, you’ll need robust networking capabilities.

Make the Office Fit You

The great thing about serviced spaces is their flexibility. Yes, it’s important to be specific about your technological requirements. However, there is usually room for negotiation elsewhere. If the tools and the price are right, don’t get too hung up on minor details.

Serviced vendors are notoriously accommodating. They want tenants to get involved with shaping their own workspaces. So, it’s worth asking plenty of questions and finding out how much control you could enjoy. Serviced tenants are encouraged to customise their terms.

Treat Yourself to the Best

Due to the highly manageable nature of serviced leases, many small businesses have a chance to grab top spots. In Auckland, the most sought-after locations are right in the centre of town. They are flanked by international brands, government buildings, and municipal spaces.

These are the addresses you really want for your brand. Working with a serviced vendor is a simple way to get them, even if you’re on a budget. Though the rates may look high – often, they’re the same as standard leases – you’re getting so much more for the monthly payment.

Minimise Those Overheads

Finally, if you want a stress free relocation, find a serviced office that comes fully furnished. Depending on which vendor you work with, this won’t cost much more than an empty suite. The benefit, of course, is the lack of effort required to move in and settle down.

Everything from the furniture to the décor, flooring, heating, lighting, and soft furnishings is ready to go from day one. Most serviced facilities also throw in a cleaner, as well as access to IT and tech support teams. They really are comprehensive corporate environments.

Why Serviced Offices Are Great for Growth

 When you’re not spending time worrying about lighting costs, carpet cleaning, and a host of other menial tasks, you can focus squarely on the business. It’s rare for entrepreneurs to be able to eliminate logistical concerns in this way, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Let a serviced facility care for the essentials while you put together plans for growth and expansion. It’s the very definition of working harder, not smarter. Plus, you can leave your lease at any time. Serviced vendors keep contracts open in order to provide flexibility.