How to Entertain Children Without Spending Too Much Money?

Any parent would agree that they should spend enough time with their children. However, not all parents know what can be considered as quality time with their children. Most of the time, having fun and entertaining children equal to going to amusement parks and other areas. Actually, we could do many of these things in the comfort of our house. Having fun without spending a single cent could actually boost our entertainment values. In this case, we may need to let our imagination running wild, just like when we are children. By acting, thinking and behaving like children during playing time, we should be able to enjoy our time with children. There are many things that we can do with our children, such as showing usual things that we could do each day.


 One of the games that we can play is charades. It is a famous game that can be played in any hose. When playing this game, we act out words or phrases, so other people can guess easily. This can be both competitive and fun. The winner should be the one who can guess a word the fastest. Another way to win is groups who have the most correct guesses. All we need is a cup, pencil, small rolls of paper and stopwatch. We could write down all possible phrases or words. These words can be written by non-player persons, who act as judges or spectators. A player could pick a paper from the cup and ask other players from the same team to guess these words. Players who act out these words or phrases shouldn’t make any kind of sound, so the game can be played fairly. This is both a simple and exciting game that children at the age of 6 can play.

Story reading is also a simple activity that can entertain children. This is an activity that can be organized for the entire family. In this case, parents or older children may sit back and read aloud books that give interest to younger kids. This should be a good way to discover new storylines that others can enjoy together. All ages should be able to participate in this activity, but we should make sure that the reader should be able to read well so others can understand what’s being read. This activity should be performed in a comfortable area for the entire family. There should be a common agreement on what kind of book that should be read. This can be performed a few times each week, or even performed each day at shorter sessions. Younger children could also be given an opportunity to read the story to give them a chance to improve their reading skills. These are simple activities that the entire family can enjoy together and they should be able to obtain plenty of quality time. Being entertained shouldn’t be an expensive and we should be able to do this each day.