How To Decide When You Need Plastic Bottles?

plastic, bottlesPlastic bottles made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) are highly valued in the laboratory because they are lightweight, strong and shatterproof. PET’s pharmaceutical and medical applications are recognized by laboratories worldwide. PET contains no lead, cadmium, dioxins, phthalates or endocrine disruptors. PET is resistant to bacterial microorganisms and it reusable and recyclable.

The Science Behind PET

PET is made by combining a mixture of terephthalic acid and glycol within a high temperature and low vacuum pressure. This enables the chemicals to form a polymer chain which is very stable, durable and inert. PET is a popular material for storage containers in labs because it is mostly resistant to biological or chemical reactions with other chemicals.

Plastic Bottles for your Laboratory

Plastic bottles can be essential items in your lab, and sometimes you will need to use them more than glass bottles. Of course this will depend on the type of research you are currently working on and your storage needs. Here are a few questions to consider, to help you decide when you need plastic bottles.

How To Decide When You Need Plastic Bottles

Am I going to be Transporting Samples?

Transporting samples can be costly. This is one situation where plastic bottles are ideal because they have a number of advantages over glass bottles:

  • they are shatterproof, so your valuable samples will arrive at their destination safely
  • they can be stored at low temperatures to protect the integrity of yore samples
  • they are lightweight so they are less expensive to ship

How Volatile are My Samples?

This is an important factor to consider. If your samples contain volatile chemicals you may want to consider using glass bottles rather than plastic so that the contents do not react with the container and compromise the sample.

Will I be Storing My Samples at Low Temperatures?

Plastic containers made from PET can be stored at low temperatures.

Will I need to Heat My Samples?

If you need to heat your samples, you will need to your glass containers. You can always store them in plastic bottles when they have cooled.

Do I need to Protect My Samples from UVA?

Plastic bottles are a good choice if you have light-sensitive samples. Amber colored PET will protect the contents from infrared and ultraviolet light.

Introducing Wheaton

Wheaton has been providing storage and equipment solutions for laboratories worldwide for 125 years and has a track record for excellent customer service that you can count on. When it comes to plastic bottles, Wheaton has a unique range of containers in their Uni-Dose® bottle range. These high quality bottles are made from amber PET, making them ideal for storing delicate samples that need to be protected from infrared and ultraviolet light. Like all PET bottles, Wheaton’s are shatterproof and light-weight, protecting your samples during transport and lowering your shipping fees. Uni-Dose® bottles with Wheaton tamper evident safety caps, so you guarantee that the integrity of your valuable samples will not be compromised. Wheaton’s plastic bottles make a valuable addition to any lab.