How To Deal With Tooth Sensitivity

All of us love to dig into delectable desserts that are served during festivities. Going by the adage that excess of anything is bad, it is only when people start over-indulging in sweet dishes that it starts to take the form of insatiable cravings despite eating loads of sugary stuff. This love for sugar can be rooted to our brains which are wired to enjoy the taste and the rush of feel-good hormones that are released by the consumption of a chocolate or ice cream. On the flip side, consuming an excess of sugary items has a detrimental effect on teeth.

How To Deal With Tooth Sensitivity

Dental Concerns of People with a Sweet Tooth

Sugars have a tendency to cling on to the surface of the tooth which becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, in turn causing the formation of plaque. The plaque then causes an inflammation of the gums thereby leading to the troubled conditions of gingivitis and periodontitis, ultimately leading to cavities. It is in this context that an online medical store called enlists a host of branded oral care products that can be easily sourced.

Tips to Curb the Exposure of Sugars

Having enlisted the problems caused by sugars to the teeth, it is important to reduce the consumption of sugary products. These tips help people in the direction of weaning away from sugars as a preventive move towards healthy teeth.

  1. Increase the consumption of veggies while consciously avoiding the intake of foods rich in refined sugars.
  2. Shift to sugarless beverages
  3. Avoid the consumption of aerated drinks
  4. It is a well thought after move to avoid candies which stick to the surface of the tooth
  5. Regular brushing and flossing after eating sweets are recommended through the use of a number of branded toothpastes offered online by are working towards supporting a comprehensive oral care regime.

Tooth Sensitivity – The Most Common Dental Problem

People with sensitive teeth experience a shooting pain when their teeth come into contact with items that are cold, sweet, acidic or even during the consumption of hot foods. There are instances when people experience this pain during brushing or flossing their teeth. Dentists mention that a tooth filling can also cause sensitivity in patients. Having understood the primary causes for tooth sensitivity, it is now important for us to look into dealing with this most common dental problem.

  1. A number of branded desensitizing toothpastes categorized under the head of health products in India are enlisted by With many options available, it is important for people to test a couple of such toothpastes before arriving at a product that works best for them.
  2. It is important to use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  3. As part of an oral rinsing practice, the regular use of a fluoridated mouthwash is recommended
  4. Keep away from highly acidic foods which can aggravate the condition of tooth sensitivity.
  5. Curtailing the tendency to grind one’s teeth by using a mouth guard.

In line with the adage that it is always better to be safe than to be sorry, the above mentioned preventive tips help to prevent the onset of dental complications as part of a well-informed move towards a holistic oral care practice.

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