How to Deal With Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is the consequence of the use of Internet. It becomes much easier for people to communicate with one another; but it is also easier for bad individuals to stalk their victims. Stalking could also incorporate libel, slander, defamation and accusations. It could be punishable by imprisonment or stiff fines. There are different forms of stalking and they may share certain characteristics. It is important for us to be cognizant of such traits. Before communicating with someone, it is important for people to be aware of specific personality glitches that allow them to escape from potential predator’s clutches. When encountering digital stalkers, we should be aware that we are dealing with bad people who want to ruin their designated victims.

Stalking doesn’t happen all at once and it could start with introducing familiarity in a specific relationship. The sole goal could be to become the best friend. Potential stalkers could initially show interest in work, family, organizations, location and other facets of the intended victim’s life. Eventually, stalking could emerge through email, phone calls, social media messages, instant messaging, text messages and other forms of communications. Stalkers may start to ruin the reputation of the victim among his/her co-worker, relatives and friends. When victims start to realize this, stalkers may become more aggressive and volatile. The mask of benevolence will be dropped completely and their true nature is completely shown.

When the stalking attempt is become quite troublesome, victims should start to take initial legal actions. This can be performed by collecting all possible evidence. Unmasking the stalker is an important thing that we should do. Awareness could save us from having to endure the trap of stalking. There are methods to lure stalkers from disclosing their probable location and real identity. It may take weeks or months before enough evidence is gathered. Victims could contact local police and other law enforcement agencies to report the cyberstalking case. This can be followed more quickly when enough data has been gathered by victims. All documentation, recorded information and social media posts should be kept.

Attorneys and social media service providers should be contacted. This will allow them to monitor whatever comment that the stalker is spewing. During the investigation process, the stalker could be deliberately given a deeper space to intrude the personal life of the victim. This can be done if the intended victim turns out to be professional investigators. Eventually the stalker may breach specific boundary and his/her whereabouts can be determination through deduction process. In many cases, stalkers are actually close friends, co-workers or relatives of the victims.

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