How To Create A Website Free Of Cost

Create A Website Free Of CostIt is not a hard job to create a website if you have access to a few web editors and commercial software. These days the software are available free, so it does not cost much to build a website for your company. There are professionals who will do this job for you but will charge a huge amount of money. Therefore, if you have some spare time you can create your website free and just the way you desire. All you need is to choose a domain name and a good web host for your site and get registered.

Need For Validation

Once you get registered, you are required to point the domain to your account on the web host. After you get these first steps done, you need to start testing the website on major browsers. You have to test your web page only directly on the browsers if you wish to find out how they are working on the visitor’s machine. In case you need validation for the codes, and you are not familiar with coding, you can use page validators. There are many page validators available. So now, you have an idea how to create a website.

All About Validation

The browsers keep changing versions frequently. Therefore, if your website is not up to date and compatible with these new versions, then your visitors may face a problem. Hence, it is important to validate the codes of the web pages, if you want them to adapt to the new version. Normally any free web validator will find errors in your underlying code, but it can be hard to fix it for someone who is lacking technical knowledge. Some validators are available who will find errors and give suggestions about fixing the code. If it is still confusing to you, then you can get one of those validators that will fix the codes for you. If you have access to these programs, it is not that hard to figure out how to create a website.