How To Create A More Organized Home Office

With this advanced technology, more and more people turn to working from home in their own home offices. This type of office needs discipline and organization just like the real one, and clear and organized working space means clear mind which can easily focus on important things.

Sort Things Out

Get motivated, gather all the papers and files and see what you actually need. Junk mail and unnecessary paperwork should be shredded. To prevent paper from piling up again, you should have a date with yourself once a week to sort through the documents and mail, and to file things that are important, but the rest of it goes out. Also, think about setting up a shredder near your desk so you could easily shred papers you do not need or that contain any personal information of your clients. Another great way to sort your paperwork is keeping some of it online or in your computer files. This will unclutter your office instantly and everything will be organized and safe.

Create Space Efficiency

Space in your home office has to be used smartly and efficiently. If your office does not allow too much space for storage on the floor, you should go up and install as many shelves as possible on your walls. Here you can put everything from books to small knick-knacks you need every day. Also, on these shelves you can arrange additional storage in a form of boxes and bins, and store office supplies and things you rarely use. This will keep your desk clutter-free, and you can work with no distractions. Also, you can listen to advice from the experts for office interior design and use furniture that multitasks and that is easily moved around the office, and use the space smartly.

Manage the Cables

Tangled cords only collect dust balls and bring disorganization and frustration in your life. Do not allow yourself to have this mess behind the desk, or worse, across the whole room! These could cause serious damages and injuries if you stumble upon some of them. There are numerous strategies for handling the cords. You can use cable ties to bundle all the cords together, use cord clips to separate them and label each cord so you can know to what it belongs. When dealing with cords that go across the room, you can hide them under your carpet, or spread them among the edges of the walls. Another simple idea is to simply go wireless and cordless. Many devices and appliances work like that these days, so save yourself from trouble.

Consistency is the Key

Organizing your home office once is not enough. This has to become part of your daily routine. Before the end of every working day, take the last five minutes to straighten things up. Delete files from your computer you do not need anymore, clean up your desktop, put the books, pens and highlighters back in their place and file the papers. Once in a week you should dust of your computer and shelves at the end of the day for a clean start the next day. By taking these few minutes to clean up you are preventing any potential mess and clutter, and teaching yourself to be clean, organized and disciplined.

Do not let your laziness take over, just think about how nice it would be to enter the clean office every morning and start your work without any unnecessary preparation.