How To Choose The Right Sprinkler System For Your Yard

You have dedicated months of careful planning, preparation and intensive labor in creating your new garden. You picked every plant, bush, flower and tree yourself after a detailed study of specialized gardening literature, as well as consultations with renowned experts and you are very pleased with the results. Now, all you need to do is maintain the present condition and enjoy the fruits of your work for a long time. To do it right, your next crucial step is choosing the right sprinkler system. Here is what needs to be considered.  


Watering systems and sprinklers are specialized usually according to the type of terrain. For example, you will use one type of watering and sprinkler system for lawns and completely different for flower beds. Therefore, if your garden has several different features you will have to use more than one sprinkler type in order to keep it healthy and representative. Also, make sure you check water holding characteristics of your soil since it plays an important role in deciding which sprinkler to use.

How To Choose The Right Sprinkler System For Your Yard

Terrain, Climate, Water Pressure

The terrain plays an important role in choosing a proper sprinkler. Straight one is far easier to cover and provide enough water quantity for than sloped ones, especially if they are of high runoff kind. When climate is concerned, windy areas are not nearly as good for misty sprinklers as those windless or moderately windy are. Lastly, if your water pressure is not sufficient your choice of sprinklers will be limited and there is no reason to pay the high price for powerful systems if you cannot adequately supply them.

Spray Sprinklers

These would be ideal for small spaces that require large water quantities in a short time, such as flower beds, turfs or shrubs. There are two types, pop up ones, which pop up from the ground and stationary ones. They achieve the best results on flat terrains and absorbent soils. They require minimum to moderate water pressure to operate, between 20 and 30 PSI to operate properly. Modern sprinkler systems of this type come with interchangeable sprinkler heads that allow you to adjust them in more detail to your needs.

How To Choose The Right Sprinkler System For Your Yard

Rotor Sprinklers

These sprinklers are best for covering large areas such as lawns or parks and are suitable for less absorbent soils since the provide constant slow pace watering which allows the soil enough time to absorb water. The require 35 to 60 PSI for normal operation and come as impact or gear driven rotors in single or double spray types.

Drip by Drip Sprinklers

As the name says, they water the soil in drip by drip manner. This means that you can target small areas, choose the watering  pace and periods and skip those you do not wish watered which is a feature other two systems do not have. PSI requirement vary according to the area covered and starts below 15 PSI. They are often used in instances where every drop of water counts especially if large covering areas are concerned.

How To Choose The Right Sprinkler System For Your Yard

Water Consumption Concerns

If you are worried by water scarcity issue troubling our planet, and you should be, the differences in water consumption between rotor and spray heads certainly makes you wonder. However, even thou they do exist,  it is far more important to use the system suitable for your terrain dimensions and type than for example insist on using a 15 feet range rotary sprinkle on a 6 feet wide terrain since no saving will be made there whatsoever.

In summary, before making your final choice make sure you covered all initial information and preconditions. Only by doing so will you be completely certain that you choose the proper one for your yard.