How To Choose The Perfect Realtor In The City Of IT Dreams

We all know what a pain it can be to buy or sell a house in Bangalore, the city whose real estate solely functions on the IT population who comes here looking for a job and house. With million property options available, it becomes difficult to judge what to pursue. The one party that makes the whole process easier is the property dealer.

The role of property dealer in finding a house and/or buyer continues to play its part, actively. Along with making a number of ready buyer, seller, and tenant available on a whim, there are a number of things that becomes easier when a realtor is brought into the picture. Even after finding the perfect buyer and house on their own, both the seller and buyer prefer to have a middleman to cut the deal and make it easy to arrive at a nominal price that both the parties are comfortable with.

While a number of factors decide whom should you choose for handling your property from among a zillion choices of property dealers in the IT city, it is very important to take into consideration these five points especially when your house is or you want your house to be in a metro like Bangalore, where the chance of fraud can be pretty high –

  1. Past record

One of the most crucial factor for shortlisting a realtor whether you are buying or selling your house is by checking their past records. Find out about the client base and their experience and also the kind of property the realtor deal in along with the money he/she charges. Know what side they take, buyers or sellers, when they try to close a deal.

  1. Kind of property they deal in

Depending on the kind of house you have or wish to have in Bangalore, find a person who deals in the same configuration. If you have a villa choose a realtor who focuses on deals related to independent houses rather than apartments. It will not be difficult to find configuration specialist property dealers in Bangalore only if you know where to look for them.

  1. Have the right credentials or experience

It is one thing that the property dealer has a lot of ideas about how to sell or help you buy a house it is another that he is eligible to do all of that. Do not hesitate from checking their credentials in the sense of education or certificates that they have earned at the back of their experience.

It is possible that you will find realtors who lack the education in real estate but have a vast experience in selling, buying, and renting the exact kind of property you are looking for. In such case, the education level can be ignored to some extent.

  1. Take referrals or talk to their client base

Check with the reference your realtor offers you. After making sure that they are genuine talk to them, his/her previous clients, and enquire about the mode of communication used by the property dealer, the amount they charge in name of commission, and finally how successful they are at closing a particular deal.

  1. Charges

Get a detailed idea of the going market rate of commission amount and then crosscheck with your realtor for how more and less he/she is charging from you. Find out the reason in case there is some difference. Also do not forget to ask them how the payment would be done – all at the time of closing the deal or will they charge something for searching the buyer/seller and/or promoting your property.

These factors would help you choose the right person to tackle the property market of Bangalore and help you find the ideal match for your needs simultaneously. Be conscious in making this decision as your money and house both are on the line.

Author Bio: Tripti Rai, a keen observer who writes for and swears on fiction readings. Professionally working with a concentrated focus on real estate sector, she keeps her readers informed about latest developments in real time through her writing. When found not writing or reading, she is busy thinking about the next book or writing inspiration. You can find her on G+ and LinkedIn.