How To Change Your Garage Into A Party Room!

Let’s face it, parties can be messy. If you (or your teenagers) are holding one in the home, it might be a better idea to temporarily change your garage into your very own party room. Not only will this impress guests and children, this simple idea will save your household furniture (and carpets!) from being damaged or stained. Having a party in your garage also means that the whole party will be in one room; this means no more divisions of groups between the living room and the kitchen. Guests will have access to all of the exciting aspects of your party in one room and the rest of your house is protected.

Garages are commonly one of the largest rooms in the house, therefore they are perfect for temporarily changing into something else, like a party room. We recently saw a great guide by leading garage company Dencroft Garages on how to do this so this is our guide on how to change your garage into a party hall.

  • Create The Space

Tidy away any items in the garage including garden accessories, tools, boxes and your car. You will need as much space as is available to make the most of the party room, and junk will look unsightly to your guests.

  • Clean It Up

Wipe down your garage walls and make sure to remove any cobwebs, dust and dirt. Sweep the floor and pick up any bits of rubbish. If possible, paint the walls a bright colour, or paint them white to decorate with lights later. You could get really creative here and use glow in the dark or glitter paint, depending on your party theme. Children would love to have a go at painting the walls for their sleepover, and this can easily be painted over after the party.

  • Open The Door

Invest in a roll up screen so you can leave the garage door open without letting in the cold or any insects, particularly over the summer months. This will mean that guests do not have to go through the house and smokers can easily exit the party to smoke outside.

  • Bring in the Furniture

Bring in some tables and chairs, but make sure there is room for people to dance if that is the kind of party you’re hosting! Regardless, people will need space to move around and mingle, so make sure they aren’t tripping up over your fold up chairs. Place a long table (or push smaller tables together) along the side of one wall to be used as the catering table. Place all food and drinks on this table, along with cups, plates and cutlery. You could also add an ice bucket here or a mini fridge to cool beers and soft drinks.

Install some speakers and hook them up to your MP3 player, radio or CD player. You can also bring in a TV and attach it to the wall or a corner to play sports or music videos. If this is a New Year’s party, you may want to bring in a TV so your guests can watch the countdown. Decorate the walls with fairly lights or disco lights, and hang a disco ball in the centre of the room. If you need more light, you can bring in lamps from other rooms in the house. Be as creative as you like and enjoy yourself!

So the next time you think of throwing a party and can’t decide where to have it, why not look at the garage and make the perfect space for your own needs.