How Winter Debilitates
The time of winters debilitates the man. I remember, how me and my family were confined to our rooms during the chilly months of December and January. I even refused to go out for shopping; such was the chill in the air. I would sit all day in front of the fireplace, reading Shakespeare and just dreaming about things. Life had almost come to a standstill as there was little or no activity. Last winters, there was a stretch of 10 days during which I didn’t even step out of my house and had no idea how the sky looked like during that time. There were so many times when I thought about lighting a bonfire in the lawns of my house but the very thought of it was annoying as the entire business of lighting a bonfire is cumbersome. You require so much wood and you need space to store it. Then, at times, wind is too fast for the fire to sustain itself. And then there’s the smoke which is produced which can be extremely harmful if inhaled for longer periods. Besides, I had also found out that in my area it was against law to start a fire a fire in my backyard!! So what was the way out?
Outdoor Heaters
I talked to friends, I browsed the internet and I deliberated. To be outside and to keep the winter chill at bay could be made possible if outdoor heaters were used. I could not carry the fireplace installed in my living room with me to the backyard but I can surely get ethanol heater which is a travelling heater (read portable heater) which I can carry with me. These heaters are awesome. They come in a variety of shapes and designs, store the fuel inside, refueling is easy and are much efficient than traditional fireplaces. And the best part is that they are constructed in such a way that they have a tremendous design appeal and they can also fit the bill of an art piece.
Go for a Patio Heater
You might also want to go for patio heaters. In a patio heater, a burner atop a post, burns a fuel which (can be LPG or propane), and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. Heat is thus evenly radiated from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance. There is a reflector which is fixed on top of the the burner and its job is reflect heat that would be otherwise lost upwards. Patio heaters are stars these days. They are elegant, worth their money and provide great relief from the killing chill in the winter months. Patio heaters run on both gas (natural gas and propane) and electricity. Contrary to what people might tell you, running an electric patio heater is not expensive. They are less expensive than propane and roughly about the same price as natural gas. Another good thing about them is that there’s literally no smoke and they do really well in windy conditions. Also, they’re much more efficient than their gas counterparts. There are many trust worthy people whom you can rely on for fireplaces like