How Porcelain Tiles Are Different From Ceramic Tiles?

Both ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles has the same properties with a small difference. Both are made up of fired clay material that is called ceramic. Porcelain is taken as special type of clay material with unique properties like it has high density and generally durable in nature. Porcelain tiles are suitable to work even under extreme pressure or weather condition. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are less expensive and they can be shaped or cut down quickly.

However, choice of tiles generally depends on objective of room for which purpose you are going to use them. You have to think carefully either you wanted to make area functional or inspirational. Further, choice also depends on budget that suits your pocket the most. Here, we will discuss on some of the best features that will work for you positively –

First of all, start with texture of ceramic tiles in India. Pattern may be wood, metal, stone or it may be even fabric. Metal patterns are generally formed by glazing and transformed to ceramic itself. An attractive luster is added at the final stage to give best reflection t your living area.

Rectified manufacturing process should be used further to make sure each tile shaped correctly and therefore it is easy to lay them with minimum grout. Non rectified tiles have generally large variations between them and it may look ugly when not arranged properly.

Appearance of Ceramic Tiles

There are different shapes or sizes to choose from tiles may be rectangular, square shaped, pencil shaped that are used for flooring inside bathroom. Today, interlocks tiles are getting more popular on decks.

Interlocks tiles can be transformed into different shapes and they can be laid down without or minimum grout between them. They can be easily fixed in your home where you want them. While so many styles for porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles available to you, this is always necessary to choose the right option that suits your requirements the most. They are not only durable but amazing backdrop for design.