How Fast Are Your Fingers?

Have you seen the videos on the internet of the young kids in a texting completion? It is amazing how fast and accurate these young people can type! Typing fast and accurate is not just for text messaging friends anymore, it is a skill required for almost every job in any industry now a days. If you are looking to get a specific job that requires a timing and accuracy test or looking to just improve your skills, continue reading here to find the valuable information you need.

How Fast Are Your Fingers?

How do Typing Testing Calculators Work?

These words per minute or WPM tests are often a short one minute test where you are required to type random words. The calculation takes into account errors made and gives you an accuracy percentage, the numbers you got right compared to how many words you typed. For example if you got a 70% then 7 out of 10 words you typed correctly. There are also more straight forward tests that give you a words per minute score and do not take into account how accurate you typed.

Here are some helpful typing tips for beginners.

Before beginning to type:

  • Take a look at your posture. Is your back straight, arms at a relaxed 90 degree angle, and body as comfortable as possible?
  • Look at where your screen meets your eye level. They should meet at a pleasing angle and not too low or too high.
  • Make small circles with your wrists and do simple finger exercises. By bending your fingers in an up-down movement you will stretch the muscles and be more agile. This might sound like overkill for just sitting at the computer to type but after sitting and practicing your typing skills you will start to see the need and difference when practicing.
  • Check where are your keyboard and monitors because they should be at the same horizontal plane as your wrists and elbows.

Now you are ready to start typing. When hitting a letter key it is not about how hard you make the movement. Try to make firm but light strokes using minimum force which will allow your fingers to move faster and accurately.

The best way to improve you skills is to practice and if you are searching for where to pass a words per minute (wpm) test online your best site I have found to date is RataType. Here is the quick link to take you straight to the test.

I recommend that before starting to practice you take the test to see what your score is and write it down so you remember. With the goal in mind of how much you need to improve you are more likely to achieve your goal. Then go to the practicing software and get to work! There is one on the RataType page or you can do a quick search on the internet to find tons of other quick and easy software to practice with. Give yourself some time to practice and then return to the same test and monitor your improvements.

If you are in need of getting certified for a job or promotion here is the information you need to know.

When you are ready to get certified there are three categories you can achieve, Silver – 40 WPM and 96% accuracy, Gold – 50 WPM and 98.7% accuracy, or Platinum – 70 WPM and 99.5% accuracy. You can try as many times as you need to get certified so don’t be afraid to try and monitor your improvements. Remember not to get frustrated, each new skill takes time, practice, and patience. You can also check your rankings in the high score table when you pass the certification test to see where you fit in.

Now that you have the information you need of how and where to pass a words per minute (wpm) typing test, it is time to get to work. You will save yourself so much time and headache in the future by developing the skills of a professional and talented typist. All of your work will pay off tenfold when you can fluently type an email or business report. Get the job you want, be a more valuable employee, or be prepared to start that online writing business you have always talked about. Good luck!