Great Opportunities For Parcel Sending Now

Especially annoying is a missed package just before the holidays – after all, Christmas is coming and no one wants to stand empty-handed. There is a simple solution to this problem, which is especially convenient for city dwellers. There, the customer can simply order his package and pick it up quickly after work. This works even without a pickup card. When ordering in the online shop simply selects the desired company as the delivery address and you’re done. The deliverer then brings the package directly to the shop, where the shipment is ready for collection for up to ten days. Delivery to a company is free. If you have your package delivered to a parcel shop, you are flexible in terms of time and no longer have to worry about missed parcels.

Great Opportunities For Parcel Sending Now

In large cities, the shops are usually only a few streets away, in petrol stations, newsagents or supermarkets. The opening times are therefore often correspondingly long. One company alone has about 15,000 parcel shops in Spain, and in Europe it even reaches 36,000. By 2020, the company wants to increase its network to 20,000 shops, so that everyone in the metropolitan areas needs just five minutes on foot to pick up their package. For the international parcel delivery you can be sure that the options are perfect now.

Temporarily Flexible by Request Location

But not only city dwellers have the possibility to fall back on such a flexible mode of dispatch with the company. In rural regions or suburbs, it is not just before Christmas that a package parking permit is available. The customer must apply in writing for parcels to be sent to Hermes in a desired location this can be, for example, a terrace, a carport or an (unfinished) garden shed. It is important that the place is weather protected and at best not visible from the outside. Anyone who creates a filing approval is liable from the time of filing itself for the shipment. All the more important is the choice of the suitable place. Link to the wish place with the help of the Parcel to Spain from UK services flourish.

Less Travel Means Less Environmental Impact

Alternative delivery options are not only stress-free for the user, but also good for the driver and the environment. A delivery to the company causes about 30 percent less CO2 emissions than the delivery to the front door. The simple reason: the shorter distance. The driver can bring the packages bundled to an address and does not have to drive through the busy cities to each individual customer. The package delivery is thus accelerated and becomes more efficient. You can also be sure that there are the best options now. Smart options for the same are there now.