Going Green by Refilling Ink Toner Cartidges

Replacing ink toner cartridges can create a great deal of unnecessary waste and can also become quite costly in the long run. Any printer, whether a home or office model, that is used to create a high volume of paper documents on a regular basis will need to have its ink cartridges replaced in as little as a few days or a couple weeks. This constant need for replacement cartridges is not only frustrating and expensive, it is also responsible for creating a volume of waste that is large enough to present a significant danger to the environment.
Saving Money and Saving the Planet
There is a way to circumvent the hassle of buying and replacing ink toner cartridges that does not require a great deal of expense, time or skill. This is accomplished by refilling ink toner cartridges when they have been used. This process eliminates the need for purchasing new cartridges and also prevents the creation of excess waste caused by dozens of used ink cartridges being tossed in the trash. Not only can these cartridges be reused, they can also be recycled. Some businesses or individuals are willing to accept used cartridges and refill them. They can then resell them for low cost, allowing customers to save money while also helping the environment.
Finding a Cartridge Refill Kit
Only a small investment is necessary to begin refilling used ink cartridges. Many Internet retailers offer ink toner cartridge refill kits that can be purchased at very reasonable prices. These retailers can be found by typing “ink cartridge refill kits” into a search engine and the results that show up can be compared for affordability and product features. Although some of these refill kits can differ from one another, they will generally include containers of several different colors of ink, special syringes that are designed for refilling empty cartridges and instructions on how to use the equipment provided.
How to Refill Ink Toner Cartridges
Refilling the cartridges is not a difficult process but carelessness could result in a messy situation. The specific instructions will vary from one refill kit to another but there are several key steps that will be necessary regardless of which refill kit is being used.
The Steps
Before beginning any work, the refill kit should be examined to make certain that all the necessary parts have been included. Next, a workspace should be arranged that is covered with newspapers or some other type of protective material in case of any spills. Printer ink is designed to permanently bond to paper and, as such, it can permanently stain clothing, furniture or floors.
The next step is to pierce the cartridge so that new ink can be inserted into the cartridge container. Gloves should be worn for this step in case of a spill. Some refill kits call for the use of ink syringes and some others require a refill clip to be placed on the cartridge before piercing. Ink should be injected into the cartridge slowly and carefully according to the kit instructions.
Recycling Ink Cartridges
Recycling and buying used ink toner cartridges is another great way to save money and reduce carbon footprints. Many home improvement stores and some big box stores provide drop-off locations or recycling bins for spent cartridges. The used cartridges can then be refilled at no expense to the customer and then resold at a discount to another customer.
Whether someone chooses to refill ink cartridges by themselves or to allow a store to do the work for them, the environment will be positively impacted. Petrochemicals are used in the manufacture of ink cartridges so reusing cartridges decreases the use of nonrenewable resources. The fact that money is saved in either case is an added bonus. The low cost and ease of refilling means that anyone can participate in this green activity.