Get The Best Books Online At Discounted Price

Books are the best friends of men. They teach us, guide us and inspire us for achieving what we aspire for. The preference of book is different for different people. While fictions are loved by most, self-help books and auto-biography are also best sellers. Earlier, if we had to buy books there were roads designated in every city where they were available and we had to visit the place to get them. Some rare books could not even be found and searching for it religiously at every possible place was the effort, you had to put in to get the book of your choice. Things have now changed drastically and technology and vision have collaborated to create experiences that help you buy your favourite book by clicking few buttons. There are many online shopping stores which deal in books. You just have to search the book in the store and order them. Not only are they shipped to your location free of cost, buying online also entitles you for discounts on every purchase you make. Some even offer reward points that you can use afterwards to purchase them.

Those who wish to buy their favourite book online can go through various websites that sell books and choose the best among them according to the reviews and own intellect. Some of the best seller books are mentioned here, which you can plan to buy and also avail discounts on them through Amazon India book coupons.

Get The Best Books Online At Discounted Price

The Fault in Our Stars:

The Fault In Our Stars revolves around a teenage girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who stays at home and watches America’s Top Model. However, the life gets upside down when she is diagnosed with cancer which cannot be treated. She then begins to attend a group that garners support for young cancer patients and survivors. She is utterly confused and filled with a negative attitude till she meets Augustus Waters, who is in remission at the group. The life takes a turn at the moment. It is a heart touching story by John Green.

Half Girlfriend:

The celebrated author of India, Chetan Bhagat has come up with a brand new novel where he visits a new dimension of love story which is his forte. The story is about a non-English speaking Bihari boy who falls for an urban girl Riya. The girls are averse to any relationship, but the guy is adamant to have one. Riya agrees to be his half-girlfriend. If you are a fan of Chetan Bhagat stories, here is an another bone that might steal your interest. Flipkart coupons can be used to get discounts on these books. The coupons can be found at, a leading site for coupons that can be used for online shopping.

Life is what you make of it:

The book has been penned by Preeti Shenoy and it traces the life of a girl named Ankita Sharma who is a smart girl from a conservative family. She follows her dream to get admitted in a college of her choice. The life seemed like sunshine when tragedy struck and she reaches a mental institution as a patient. These books can be bought using coupons from Savemypocket at a reduced price.