General Workplace Injuries Covered Under the Laws of Workers’ Compensation

The laws of various countries clearly state that if there is any workplace injury, which badly affects a worker’s mental and physical health, he or she is fully eligible to acquire a proper amount of workers’ compensation for all the damages caused to him or her. Workplace injuries have time and again proved to be harmful to the professional as well as personal lives of employees because of the major disabilities they cause.

General workplace injuries

  • Overexertion– One of the most common injuries to occur at workplaces, it arises due to heavy and continuous pushing, holding, pulling, carrying, lifting, throwing, etc.
  • Falling– People either fall to lesser heights or on levelled surfaces. While former happens from elevated locations like ladders, roofs and stairways, the latter occurs on slippery and wet floors.
  • Bodily reactions– These injuries occur because of tripping and slipping but not falling.
  • Struck against or by any object– Injuries are sustained when people run into solid and very hard objects like doors, walls, cabinets, chairs, glass windows, tables, etc. They also happen when objects fall on a person from shelves as well as when they are dropped by another.
  • Highway accidents– Accidents of cars and trucks also result in very serious injuries.
  • Compressed or caught– These injuries occur in large factories with heavy and dangerous machineries. The operators become highly unsafe when no precaution is taken in dealing with those machineries.
  • Repetitive motion– These injuries occur in tendons and muscles due to long-term repetitive actions
  • Violence and assaults– Attacks and violent arguments in offices also result in dangerous accidents and damages.

How to prevent workplace injuries

The area of working and offices must be carefully planned. Use work materials and control systems, which are perfectly engineered in order to minimize stressful positions, repetitive motion issues, and strenuous handling of equipments. Effective and up-to-date manuals regarding the use of equipment and tools must be issued inside the organization.

General Workplace Injuries Covered Under the Laws of Workers’ Compensation

The management of your company must create a proficient wellness plan in which exercise and fitness programs are included so as to prevent overexertion of employees. Apart from all of this, the employees must personally be careful in dealing with dangerous equipment and situations.

Legal assistance

When you decide to make a legal claim for workers’ compensation related to your injuries, the best way is to appoint an experienced work injury lawyer Los Angeles, who is capable to process and litigate each aspect of a workers’ compensation claim. Your lawyer will assist you in getting quality medical treatment, enhance your benefits, and procure evidence for your workplace injuries.

Hire a lawyer who knows how and what questions should be asked along with the type of medical documentation needed for backing up your claim. The lawyer must be an expert in dealing with various types of workplace injuries like amputation, brain injuries, neck and back injuries, scars and disfigurements, hearing and vision loss, asbestos exposure, etc.

Your lawyer will help you to present your claim and get you the much deserved medical and earning loss benefits. It will also become easier for you to make decisions and prevent your employer from unjustifiably terminating your workers’ compensation claim.

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