Garage Door Spring Repair 5 Ways To Troubleshoot Spring

Garage door springs are a frequent source of most garage door problems. Two sets of springs are in control of the garage door; the torsion springs and the extension springs. The torsion springs maintain balance of the garage door’s weight while the extension springs hoist up the door. Troubleshooting garage door springs on your own can prove tricky which is why it’s advisable to seek professional garage door services. We at garage door repair Cleveland always esteem our customers and so, we are offering you these guidelines to help you troubleshoot your garage door springs correctly. These are the garage door problems commonly linked to the springs.

Uneven Positioning of the Garage Door

Uneven opening of the garage door is often caused by a problem in the springs. Cables attaching the torsion and extension springs wear out with time. You can detect this problem by running a visual inspection on the springs for any signs of exhausted or frayed spring cables. This problem is fixed by getting a replacement on the cables. In other situations, the pulley might be stuck or the spring cables wound up on the pulley. This needs replacement of the spring cable and the pulley.

Reversing Garage Door

The garage door may reverse when opened or closed. A visual check will swiftly help you identify the source of the problem. Usually, the beam sensors might be the issue, so first ensure they are in fine working condition. If the sensors have not malfunctioned, a broken torsion spring would be the cause of this problem. Worn out extension spring cable pulleys normally have the same effect. You can solve this problem by replacing both the extension cable pulley and the torsion springs.

Stuck Garage Door

Verify that the door track is clear of debris and the opener is functioning properly before moving on to the springs. It might be a result of a broken torsion spring cable or exhausted extension spring cable. Such springs need replacement.

Door closes halfway

You might find your garage door not closing all the way to the floor. Ensure the space between the door and the floor is clear of obstructions as the beam sensors might be touching on something. The other probable cause is broken torsion springs. This calls for their replacement.

Garage Door Opener Strains as the Door Opens

The easiest way to identify a straining garage door opener is by identifying if any noise is created when opening the door. The key source of this problem is a broken torsion spring which would then need replacement. If the extension spring is broken, you might experience the same effect. This requires you to install of a new extension spring.

Spring issues are too complex for homeowners to solve on their own. Garage door springs are under high tension from the weight of the door. Any attempt to fix them can result in serious body injury or damage. For the best solution to your garage door spring problem, make advantage of the services offered by Garage Door Repair Cleveland. Garage door spring repair gives a lasting way out of every spring issue. Our services are remarkably coupled with expertise, modern equipment and warm relationships with our clients. If you happen to be uncertain of anything while troubleshooting your spring issues, it’s always best to come to us.