Freelance Jobs That Help Get You Out Of The House

Maybe you work from home already but you’re tired of always being home. Maybe you have a job in an office during the day, but you want something to keep you from being home and bored on weekends and weeknights/

Freelance Jobs That Help Get You Out Of The House

There are plenty of fun jobs you can do outside the home that still let you have that feeling as though you’re an entrepreneur working for yourself. Here are a few good ideas to consider.

Be A Driver

You could consider driving people around. These days that doesn’t mean you have to get a job at the bus station or with a cab company. Companies like Uber and Lyft have made it so that any normal person with the right car and a good driving record can make money as a driver.

People request rides, and pay for them, through an app on their phones usually, with these services. You’ll need a car that seats a certain amount of people, it won’t be able to be too old, and you need to make sure your driving record is clear.

Become A Writer

If you like to write and like local news, you might want to consider getting a gig with your local newspaper as a reporter. The pay isn’t going to be enough to live on, but it can give you a little extra pocket change while you hone your writing skills and get to know the people that live in your town or city.

You might want to start your own writing business, working on blogs or social media sites for local businesses. You’ll want to set up a website, get some business cards, and get out and show businesses what you can offer them (more Facebook followers, more comments on their blogs, viral blogs posts, etc.)

Be A Wedding Or Senior Photographer

If you have a knack for taking photos, you may want to start making money doing something you love. There are plenty of ways to make money taking photos. You could take photos of nature, print and frame them, then sell them.

You could get paid by brides-to-be and their grooms to commemorate their special day in photographs. You could take senior pictures for teens that are about to finish high school and start their adult lives. Maybe you could even take family photos for people.

Be A Dog Walker Or Lawn Mower

If you really enjoy the outdoors, consider becoming a dog walker. Of course, you must be a dog lover. You also need to not mind picking up the mess the dogs leave when you’re walking them!

If you have a lawn mower and a love for nature, you could make some money mowing people’s lawns. If you have a truck you can haul it with you can mow all over the city.