Forming crust of a rye bread pie

Many people wonder what this rye bread pie is made of, or what made it to be called this way. Rye bread pie got its name from the Scandinavian grain that is widely grown in this country, which is one of the ingredients. The grain is known for its nutty flavor, and it has been in use for a long period of time. This grain is crushed to produce flour which in turn is used to prepare pie crusts. The difference when preparing rye bread pie is that bakers will also add other ingredients to make the bread savory and tastier. The extra ingredients are fennel seeds and added grains that help to make the crust of the pie. The reason for applying the additional extra ingredients is to complement the other fillings added to the preparation of this delicious pie. A significant ingredient that is normally added when preparing rye bread pie is caraway. Caraway assists in complimenting cheese while seafood is complimented by the fennel. The average time that you can take to prepare the ingredients, bake the rye bread pie and clean up the mess that you will have created is approximately one and a half hours. This tells you that the preparation of rye bread pie is never a complicated task, and you can never say that you don’t have enough time to prepare a lovely piece of rye bread pie (in Danish rugbrødslagkage) for your friends and family.
The required ingredients for rye bread pie
Ingredients for rye bread pie range from the simple ones that we can easily find from any of the local stores, to some special ones that in order to get you will have to visit special stores to check if they have them in stock. In order to have the tasty pie on your table you will need a cup of wheat flour and an equal amount of rye flour. On top of all the basic ingredients do not forget that your pie will require the taste of salt. This should be not more than one teaspoon. You should also use one teaspoon fennel seeds. If you cannot find them they can be substituted with caraway, but that will solely depend on the taste that you have. Cut butter into small pieces and measure three quarters of a cup. Chill the butter before you use it because it should not melt when it’s being used.
How to prepare a tasty pie
Ensure you sift both sets of flour. After that add salt and the fennel seeds. Add chilled water in the butter crumbs and this will give you an easy time when you are using your dough. The amount of ingredients that you have prepared is enough for two crusts of rye bread pie. In that case, you should divide the dough into two containers. Put them on separate pie plates and cool them in the fridge for approximately one hour.
It is very simple to prepare rye bread pie if you just follow all the instructions.