Find Out Why Guardian Mattress Protectors Are Leaders In The Industry

High quality mattress protectors just not keep your valuable mattress free of blots or stains, but the uniqueness of their merchandise superiority help you stay away from the possible exposure to microbes, dust mites and all potential allergens. Needless to say that even a minor stain on a mattress can make its warranty invalid while spills of beverages, leakage of marker pens or satins of body fluids and seepage of human oil are some common experiences that you cannot bypass. Mattresses are reasonably costly and are one of your best adored furnishing items. You go for the best quality product simply because they serve you for generations and take care of your back pain, headache, different physical complications and sleep disorders.

Equipped with Guardian’s Mattress Protectors you can enjoy the finest sleeping experience while its product quality protect your mattress and care for your health. This makes the Guardian Protection Products a distinctive brand in the market. Guardian brand mattress protectors are designed keeping in mind all possible factors that wreck the sparkle, cleanliness and hygiene of your valuable mattress. Incorporated with the hottest class features, immense designs and high-tech formation mechanisms the company’s exclusive mattress protector range is available in four distinct varieties.

All the models are prepared waterproof, breathable and these are easy washable. Supported by waterproof layer all EveryBed series from Guardian Protection Products can act wonderfully to defend your mattress from absorbing all body moisture, perspiration and other fluids and keep them sparkling. The features of EveryBed Series are as follows

EveryBed Red

The product is wonderfully designed together with soft agile micro-fleece outer and acts as a supreme fence in defending your valued mattress from any contact of dust mites, perspiration or skin dead cells. With EveryBed, you’re never deprived to feel your mattress while you sleep. The machine washable, waterproof, breathable EveryBed is ideal for anyone and comes with 10 years protection plan.

EveryBed CoolYellow +

The uniqueness of the product lays in its great construction that preserves as cool and parched sleeping atmosphere for you. Prepared with wonderful fencing ability, the protector repels dust mites, dry skin cells and perspiration from mattress. Comes with 10 years comprehensive protection plan and thus helps keep your mattress warranty intact. Prepared with ULTRA premium power Weave-Skirting-Mechanism, the Guardian Protection Products mattress protector fits easy to any mattress up to 22 inch depth.

EveryBed CoolGreen+

Cool Green Series protectors are designed backed by organic wetness management technologies. Integrated with its eco-friendly features, it provides extra cool and comfortable sleeping environment throughout the night. Its advanced means help maintain sleep temperature, enabling you to undergo a cool sleeping experience. Protectors are fitting on all mattresses with 22 inch depth. Available with 10 years complete protection plan;

EveryBed CoolBlue+

The CoolBlue series of mattress protector are designed based upon latest Temperature Change Technology and with this, the protector enables you enjoy sleeping with balanced body warmth that holds your sleeping coolness. With magnificent fencing, it guards your mattress from skin cells, body liquids and dust particles. Appropriate for all mattresses having 22 ‘’ depth. Enjoy the service with 10 years extensive protection plan.