Features To Include In Your Home That Will Take It From Sensible To Sensational

When you imaging your house, what does it include? For the average person, they’re probably envisioning at least 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large, beautiful kitchen, and a hot tub in the backyard. It’s more natural to think about the big details that make up a home. However, when you talk dream homes, the thing that makes them dreamy is the fact that the wow factor is in the detail.

Features To Include In Your Home That Will Take It From Sensible To Sensational

Sure four bedrooms sounds great…but you’ve got to think bigger. When you think about every detail that you would love included in your dream home, when the time comes to build or buy, you’ll be less likely to settle, and you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. Forget going standard on all of the woodwork, carpets, and light fixtures. If you want a home that is sensational, you need to think about more than what is sensible. You’ve got to dream big. You’re building your palace.

Go Big in Your Home

This isn’t a circumstance where you go big or go home. Go big in your home. When you’re building off a dream, you don’t compromise. You go with top of the line features. In order to do this, you’ll want to start on the right foot by hiring a company who sets their standards high in everything that they do. This way, you’re not having to keep tabs on the contractors as they do the work on your house.

Install Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of those features that you might not think is necessary, but when you view a space with crown molding versus a space without, the difference is stunning. Crown molding instantly brings the value of your house up, not only monetarily, but visually as well. You’ll feel like royalty, your house will look clean cut, and it will look like a master craftsman built your house like it was his crowning masterpiece.

Bring the Quarry Home

Stone work in a home sets it apart from anything else. Every piece of stone is unique and the colors, texture, and beauty of a granite countertop or a marble floor can’t be matched by anything else. If a palace is prized because it is made of the finest stone in all of the land, you should really emulate that in your home.

You’ll not only feel more connected to nature, you’ll also be able to admire the subtleties of each piece of earth that you bring inside. There are certain limestone and other rocks that preserve fossils. How cool would that be to have a countertop with an ancient fossil right in viewing sight?

There is much more to be done to take your dream home from sensible to sensational. Start with these things, but in the end, remember that the beauty is in the attention to detail.

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