Exclude, Eat And Exert- The 3 E’s Of Staying Fit After Forty

Life begins after forty. It is that age when you start looking back at the years you rushed in making money, securing yours and your family’s monitory needs and growing high in career. It is that age when your body starts to degenerate and different progressive diseases start to play hide and seek with you. One such disease which is very popular is diabetes, whose prime cause factor is lack of exercise and improper food habits. So, if you are really expecting a happy and healthy life after forty, then without wasting time, you need to start to follow the three most important E’s in your life. What are those E’s? Here have a look:

Exclude, Eat And Exert- The 3 E's Of Staying Fit After Forty

  1. Exclude unhealthy food

Medically it is proven that unhealthy eating is the prime cause for progressive diseases. As you rush for work, eat anything from the counter, do not sleep properly, your biological clock starts to get disturbed. This effect is profound as you turn forty and it reflects in terms of high BP, diabetes, cholesterol, lack of sleep, restlessness etc. Hence eating healthy food and excluding too much processed food items is the first step to stay fit. You can try to replace unhealthy food with green tea, digestive biscuits, multi grain crackers etc. that are natural, nutritive and good for health.

  1. Eat on time in right quantities

Regularity in food itself relieves you from diseases. You need to eat a balanced meal that contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and carbohydrates to stay fit and healthy. At times you might fall short of vitamin C or vitamin D that can cause tiredness and weakness. To relieve you from these troubles, there are plenty of multivitamins tablets or nutritive powder available that supplements your regular diet. You can buy these with the help of the Healthkart coupons and supplement your daily meal. Thus eating on time, at regular intervals and at right quantity saves you from disorders in future.

  1. Exercise regularly

The last and most important E is to exercise regularly without any miss. Exercise does not mean lifting weights or toning muscles, but doing some simple and casual exercises on a daily basis. It is the bare minimum requirement to stay healthy. Exercises like walking and playing a favorite sport on regular basis keeps your body fit. In addition, to these regular exercises, there are power yoga and cardio exercises which will improve your stamina. Just make exercises a part of your daily regime and see the wonderful effect on your health.

Aren’t these simple techniques for a healthy living? Along with these routines, there are plenty of natural supplements that add nutritional value, build up resistance in the body, fights toxins and improve your quality of life when consumed regularly with your diet plan. These supplements not just help you to fight obesity and other diseases but they also streamline your routine life by aiding in metabolic processes like digestion, defecation etc. In the wholesome, it is in your hands to make your life after forty enjoyable and enigmatic!