Everything You Should Know About Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a city of the South part of Malaysia. Besides, it is the capital of Johor State and South city of Eurasia. Locals call their city J-B. This noisy and modern city is the second important place in Malaysia. It is not surprising. Johor Bahru is well-developed touristic center that attracts more and more people every year. Actually, the city is full of restaurants, high class hotels, trade and entertaining centers. City has its own life rhythm. It is economically developed. So, the city is full of foreigners, including tourists and business men. More than 1.5 million people live here.

By the way, more than 60% of tourists in JB came from the neighbor Singapore. Why? The city is attractive for them in several reasons. First of all, it is not far from their home and prices here are lower, including prices for restaurants, shops, public transport. What is more, the most of Singapore citizens come to JB for shopping and attractions. So, the highway road from Singapore is always full of transport, buses and motorbikes. JB is industrial city. This fact is also important for tourists as the prices are cheap here.

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JB is a city of different nations. So, you can visit restaurants of national and European cuisine. If you like fast food, you can visit a big number of fast food restaurants, including MacDonald’s. There are also many small cafes attractive to eat old Vietnamese and Malaysian dishes. The main feature of Malaysian cuisine is rice in different variations. They use rice with different spices. You should know that traditional Malaysian cuisine does not use pork meat. It is because Islam that prohibits eating pork. Nevertheless, Malaysians respect different religious so, you can find pork dishes in JB special for tourists.

Malaysian cuisine use fish, chicken, beef and lamb. The choice of Malaysian dishes is wide. Traditionally, all tourists are recommended to try dishes of rice noodles with different fillers. It is also recommended to try fried rice with shrinks with eggs and vegetables. You should try juicy chicken with sweet sauces and beef, boiled in coco meat. The beef is sweet and aromatic. Pay attention to soup made of ox tails. Of course, it does not sound tasty and attractive but the dish is yum. There is a big choice of salads and they all are tasty. Dessert is good with jelly and fruits.

The most popular drink in JB is coconut milk. You can buy coco nuts at every step as in Thailand. What a great pleasure to drink cold coconut milk with the cocktail straw! It costs little money. Speaking about drinks, there is a big choice of fresh made juices. What about alcohol? Actually, religious makes locals to stop drinking alcohol. But, if you want you can buy beer or wine in the shop. But you can drink alcohol in your hotel. You cannot drink alcohol in the street. It is not good to be drunk in the street.

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The public transport in JB is buses. There is no metro in the city. You can also use taxi. They are two kinds of taxi in Malaysia, red and blue color. What is the difference between them? The blue cars take passengers over the city. The cars of red color take you out of the city and provinces. There is one more thing, red taxies are cheaper. There is no sense to trade them for cheaper price. They work according to meter. Never use taxi with no meters because the price is going to be higher than ever before. By the way, there are many toll roads in the city and suburbs, to pay additional fee.

You can also hire a car in Johor Bahru and get over the city with comfort. Try to take car with air conditioner as far as the weather is always hot and wet.


There are many hotels of high class in JB. It is all about Singapore tourists. They demand hotels of high class to have the rest of high comfort and level. There are many hotels of 3 and 4 stars. They are attractive for budget tourists. If you have super budget trip, you may use one of many guest houses and hostels. The choice is wide.

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The city is full of attractions. There are many big entertaining centers and trade complexes. They are different but similarly attractive to visit. One and the most popular of them is giant free tax complex Johor Bahru Duty Free Zone. You can see water restaurant and night club. You can also hire a conference hall and different shops. What is more, there is a harbor behind the shopping center, where you can take ferry to Singapore and Indonesia. The city suburbs attract tourists with different province attractions like pineapple plantations.

JB is perfect place to have interesting weekend. You can spend time with kids here. The city is safe and friendly for locals and tourists.


Do you like shopping? Of course, you should visit popular shopping center with good prices Johor Bahru City Square. The address of it is Jalan Wong Ah Fook, JB 80000, Malaysia. This is the biggest center in Malaysia. All popular local shops are situated here, including popular trade marks. Tourists like walking this center and shop. Locals use to go there every weekend. The most of brand shops boast with attractive prices. There is a big choice of food, professional massage salons, SPA. It is very convenient service if you want to have some rest after tiring shopping.

Gadong Night Market

If you want to try yourself in the local markets, you should go to Pasar Malam. This popular market is situated In LB, Malaysia. The night market works every Monday. It is situated not far from the city. It takes you back to your childhood, where the food is tasty and different. You can see a lot of sweets, fruits and vegetables. You can also buy good quality shoes and clothes.