Epidermal Leveling: The Safe & Effective Process For Skin Rejuvenation

Many of us wish for smoother, younger looking skin. We may also suffer from early wrinkling and acne scars. Would it not be nice if there was a simple, easy, and affordable way to reduce unwanted acne scar and aging lines? Epidermal leveling offers patients a way to exfoliate the top layer of skin, essentially smoothing and polishing the skin to produce a more youthful appearance. This process is safe, efficient, and affordable, making it an increasingly popular approach.

Non-Invasive & Effective

Epidermal leveling, also referred to as dermaplaning or blading, is non-invasive and offers an effective and safe alternative to harsh chemical peels and laser treatments. With this approach, the top layer of skin is gentle scraped, removing deal skin skins and stimulating new cell growth. Epidermal leveling is focused exclusively on the skin of the face, but not on the nose, neck, or eyelids. As a cost-effective and safer approach than other techniques, epidermal leveling is appropriate for all persons without regard to gender or skin tone.

Epidermal Leveling: The Safe & Effective Process For Skin Rejuvenation

A Quick, Easy Process

The process of leveling is simple and benign. It begins with a through facial cleanse. A clinician completes this task and then begins the actual smoothing process. A fine surgical blade, called an epi-blade, is pulled across the face. This is similar to the action of shaving. Skin cells are gently scraped from the surface of the face. The process typically occurs in the clinician’s office and is completed in less than an hour.

The process of leveling is safe and non-intrusive. Patients can immediately return to normal activities after a session. However, the treated areas may experience some redness after treatment and, rarely, the treated area may burn or cause mild discomfort. These cases are rare. In general, epidermal leveling is the safest and easiest way to experience smoother, more balanced skin tone and topography.

Regular Sessions Make A Longing Difference

While results will be noticeable after a single session, most practitioners recommended regular, monthly sessions for the best results. Treatment costs range from $80-160 per session. Depending upon the nature of the skin issues, some epidermal leveling can be followed with a very mild chemical peel, but again most clients experience a healthier, glowing skin appearance with just a single session of leveling.

Feel Confident & Youthful

All of us aspire to look and feel better. Your skin and face make an immediate impact on others. Epidermal leveling offers all persons the opportunity to experience skin that is smoother, more balanced, and even energized. The reduction is unwanted lines, wrinkles, and acne scars translates to a more confident and youthful appearance.

If you think you are a candidate more treatment, the first step is to contact a specialist. Your licensed clinician can best determine your candidacy and manage your expectations. Ideal candidates are those who understand the procedure, have realistic expectations, and are in overall good health. Epidermal leveling has helped thousands of others achieve an improved skin tone and more youthful appearance. Make your appointment today to see if this simple treatment is right for you!

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