Einstein Never Thought of the Formula Stuff = Cash

Granted, Einstein was a brilliant fellow, and he changed some of her basic concepts about the universe and how it works. His theories also unlocked the power of the atom, which has given us both nuclear power to light and heat our homes and businesses. He was only interested in understanding some of the basic laws of physics.
Because he lived just under 100 years ago, you probably would’ve been amazed at how far we’ve come in terms of all of our electronic devices. Had he lived today, besides postulating that e=mc2 he might’ve been able to predict that old electronic devices equals cash. That’s right; all those old CDs, DVDs and game consoles, computer monitors and even the computers themselves are worth money. Those discarded items which were once state of the art and been collecting dust somewhere in a dark corner of your house, could be turned into cash with only a few minutes worth of effort.
Who could’ve predicted this even a few decades ago? And yet, here we are today, with the ability to easily get rid of all of our old electronic stuff with a few clicks of our mouse. By going to a site such as musicMagpie, you can get an instant quote for everything you want to sell. It can be shipped back for free and a payout is made in a few days. It makes you wonder how we did without it up until now.
To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question
We will always remember when we first went with our Mum shopping, when she first let us actually manage the purchases at the local supermarket. We often had our designated section of the store where we could find the items that were on her list. Although the first few times we felt a little disoriented and confused, we were at least never bored. We also can probably remember that exhilarating feeling of independence that it gave us.
Today, thanks to modern technology, children don’t have to settle for just helping Mum with her shopping chores; they can actually become little entrepreneurs. By taking the initiative and helping their parents clean out the attic and cupboards of old computer equipment they can make a little money for themselves.
This exercise not only helps clear the house clutter, but it also allows children to think about different ways in which they can supplement their pocket money. Gradually they’ll become more and more independent. These are lessons that can last a lifetime.
Out with the Old, in with the New
Whether the parents or the children embark on an important housecleaning project, it’s good to know that whatever electronic items and CDs and DVDs that they collect can easily be sold.
By going online they can get an instant valuation for all their items, ship them off for free, and rapidly get a cheque by return in the post. What a great way way to teach children the value of money.