Education and Training: TOP Prestigious Universities In Canada

What do you know about Canadian education? If you are going to study in Canada, you are recommended to choose one of many different universities in Montreal or Toronto. These two cities are cultural and economic centers of the country. One of them is English speaking, the second is French speaking. The wide opportunities in Canada are impressive: universities, institutes, collages. Pay attention to two main institutions that are highly respectable in Canada: University of Toronto and McGill University.


Working Principles

The most of educational establishments are located in the big territories – campuses. They all are modernly equipped, including comfortable houses for students, gyms. The classes are small and the teachers are competent and experienced masters. These facts make Educational process in Canada interesting, effective and qualified.

The quality of Canadian education is higher than in Europe. The prices are lower. The country government gives the right for education for all students. The students have also opportunity to work in their free time. It helps to cut costs for their education and stay in the country. In real, every lowly paid student earns more than 8 -15 CAD per hour.

Canada is a country, the diplomas of which are highly approved by the international market of education. Americans, Europeans and students all over the world come to study there. The price for education in Canada is 35-40% cheaper than in Europe and 2 times cheaper than in Great Britain.

TOP Universities in Canada

The bigger part of all Canadian universities ate situated in Ontario. More than 40% of all Canadian citizens live in this region. The capital of the country – Ottawa is the biggest city in Canada. Ontario is popular of its national and cultural variety, financial centers and high economic development.

Quebec is the next important region of Canada, situated to the North from Ontario. This is the biggest territory in the country. The province capital is Quebec; the biggest city is Montreal. Actually, Montreal is the motherland of many Canadian universities, including McGill. Just hire a car in Montreal and travel over the city from one place to another. The most of park zones are occupied by students.

University of Toronto

It is better to start from the University of Toronto. It is more than 180 years old. The university is as strongly prestigious as Stanford, Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge. This big scientific-research center is approved all over the world. If you are going to get the specialty of doctor, lawyer, designer, if you are interested in IT technologies, pedagogics and pharmacology – the University of Toronto is the best variant for you.

Toronto: University College, University of Toronto

McGill University

Meet the oldest and respectable university in Canada that is situated in Quebec in Montreal. More than 30 000 of students, including 6000 of foreign students, get their education here. The university graduates are Canadian celebrities, Nobel Prize laureates, politicians.

University of Victoria

This university is situated in British Columbia province. There are more than 19 500 students in the university, including 1800 foreigners. The university offers different educational programs, including MBA, Ph.D., bachelor, magister. The faculty of law is considered to be the best in Canada. This is the only one place, where students get practical skills in law in the Canadian government and private organizations on a full-time basis for fee.

This is an area of interesting research in the sphere of oceanology, public health service and informational sciences. About 90% of teachers are professors. This fact is a guarantee of high quality education.

University of Windsor

This glorious university is located in Ontario province. It is attractive for preparing specialists in different industrial spheres. The university realizes all educational projects with the help of leading industrial enterprises of Canada. There is a big plus – high level of job connection. About 95% of graduates can find the job easily. It takes a little time to find a good job after graduating.


University of Manitoba

This is a place where you can get the best education in the humanities. The University of Manitoba is situated in Manitoba Province. It is important for economic development of the country. The university boasts with its science and innovative activity in different spheres of science and technic.

Thompson Rivers University

If you like journalistic, hotel services or business administration, you are welcomed in the Thompson Rivers. The educational programs are interesting and challenging. The international internship is available. What a great opportunity!

Humber College

The next glorious educational establishment in Canada is Humber College. This college is popular of its specific educational programs. They are correct and individual. These programs are educational samples for many Canadian colleges. The college is specialized in music, journalistic, business sphere, design.

Universite Laval

Obviously, the oldest Canadian university is Laval University. It was founded in 1663. There are 66 departments, institutes and schools here, offering their competent education in more than 350 specialties. You get the education in French. Actually, if you want to get a good job in Canada, you have to learn French. It is also important to learn French if you want to be good in music, arts, pharmacology, architecture and theology.

The university provides scientific research works in the sphere of international communication and partnership. The graduates are famous people in Canada: politicians, world-popular scientists, federal ministry leaders, prime-ministers of Canadian provinces and territories. In short, this university has international value and interesting programs. You can choose one of them according to your needs and preferences.

Niagara College

Finally, welcome to the most popular educational establishment in Canada – Niagara College. It prepares specialists in the sphere of computer technologies, IT and business.

International students

There are many interesting and prestigious universities in Canada. As a matter of fact, the specialization of every next university is caused by the needs of the province where it is situated. For example, the universities of Alberta Province graduate engineers for oil and gas industry. The universities of Manitoba are specialized in agricultural industry. British Columbia is leader in forestry industry.