Eco Friendly And Green Living Lifestyle

In today’s rushing world, people are trying to focus more on living a ‘better’ and ‘healthier’ life. This includes protecting and saving the environment. Unfortunately, our environment has already destroyed, the air is polluted, and some big countries are really effecting the environment in a negative way. That is why people should be more aware of the pollution and they should start taking some necessary steps in order to protect and save our environment in the future. For example, we can focus on eating more organic and local food:-it contains less pesticides and fertilizers so it is less harmful to our health and the environment as well-do not waste food: make a grocery shopping list and buy the food you really need. Throwing food into the garbage pollutes the air and the environment. -when grocery shopping, use reusable shopping bags. These might be a little more expensive but they last longer and they also protect the environment. Traditional plastic bags are not reusable and they are harmful to the environment.

Eco Friendly And Green Living Lifestyle

Housing:-switch your light bulbs to energy-efficient types so you can save some money on your electricity bills and you do not impact the environment negatively.

-use selective garbage: bottles, papers, garbage should be separated in different garbage bins.

-unplug charges, devices, and turn off the light when you are leaving your home-unplug the microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc. when you are going for a vacation or you are not going to be home for at least a couple days. It saves energy.

-use less chemicals, it really destroys the environment. Do not pour it into rivers. -do not waste water; take shorter showers, or do not let the water run while brushing your teeth-recycle your cell phone if you are not going to use it anymore.

-do not put cell phones or any electronic devices into trash, try to donate them if you do not need them-wash clothes in cold water; heating water uses more energy-look for cleaning products that are eco-friendly-plant more flowers and trees in your garden. Leaves help to reduce air pollution.

-plant a native shrub; it can be a food source or shelter for the wildlife.

-volunteer to help save the environment. There are many organizations that are looking for volunteers who can help them. For example, picking up garbage. Separating bottles, etc.

-instead of drinking bottled water, drink filtered tap: it is healthier and it protects the environment -select and buy items and goods with less packaging.

-try used products, you do not always have to buy a new one: check the newspapers, flyers, and other stores that sell used products-do not smoke near other people; the smoke pollutes the air and you affect the health of these people around you.

-try to use wind or solar energy if it is possible.

Transportation: -try to use less transportation and bike or walk if the distance is not too far. Biking or walking does not require gas so it does pollute the air.

-keep your car in a good condition; make sure your always change oil and air filters.

These are some of the examples and ways to live a better, greener lifestyle.

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