An Easy, Cost-Effective Way To Make Your Home Extra Secure

All modern homes across Australia are fitted with strong, sturdy locks and almost impossible to break doors, and most also boast double glazed windows that can withstand almost any impact. Unfortunately, locks and double glazing aren’t always enough to keep criminals out, but there are lengths you can go to in order to dissuade them from targeting your home. As long as you do everything within your power to make your home extra secure, you and your family can sleep easily at night, and you can keep your possessions away from intruders.

An Easy, Cost-Effective Way To Make Your Home Extra Secure

Some people assume that all it takes is a few security enhancements such as CCTV and an alarm to deter almost any criminal, but some thieves won’t be put off by them. Let’s face it, video footage is only useful if it features criminals’ faces or easily identifiable features, and hardened burglars know how to bypass almost any alarm system. However, home additions such as bars and security screens effectively keep uninvited guests out. Plus, some security screens are barely visible unless you’re looking for them up close, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your home’s look.

Needless to say, you should only buy security screens from reputable providers that sell the highest grade products on the market because they need to put up tough resistance to heavy impacts. Plus, you need to ensure that your security screens are durable so that they don’t need replacing within the space of a few months. As long as you choose the right company for both the product and the installation, you can feel confident you’ll be making a worthwhile purchase.

The Most Unnoticeable Security Screen

Understandably, some homeowners prefer not to install the likes of window bars because they don’t always work with a property’s current style. However, security screens such as the Invisi-Gard in Perth are barely noticeable. Here’s what you need to know about the product:

  • It won’t alter your home’s image – The product in question is made from a thin but super strong steel wire mesh that puts up resistance to extremely tough impacts. Because the mesh is very thin, you can barely see it unless you’re really looking for it.
  • It will deter criminals – Even though the mesh is barely visible, criminals will notice it if they get close to your windows and doors. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of theft is to make it clear that your home isn’t an easy target.
  • It will effectively deny entry – If criminals attempt to smash your windows, the wire mesh will make it almost impossible for them to succeed. Even if the glass smashes, the mesh is highly unlikely to break.

Protect Your Home

We all want our homes to be as secure as possible, and security screens allow you to do just that. Of course, you need to purchase this excellent security enhancement from a reputable provider so that you can feel confident it will last for years.