Earth-Friendly Globetrotting: 4 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Finding balance between your love of travel and desire to preserve the world can be incredibly difficult. You are passionate about visiting exotic countries, seeing different places and experiencing life outside of your community. Oftentimes, the visits to various global destinations can be the exact thing that incites you to preserve them.

Earth-Friendly Globetrotting: 4 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Unfortunately, the emissions from travel can be one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Constant jetsetting is one of the worst modes of transportation for the environment. If you are looking for a way to take a trip without damaging the plant, take a look at these tips.

Consider Distance

The first thing you should consider before planning a vacation is the distance to your dream destination. If you are flying an enormous distance to go somewhere, try to schedule your trip to last a minimum of two weeks. This will allow you to get plenty of time in the area and make the extra flight time more worthwhile.

However, the most preferable trip options are places that can be reached by car or train. Short term flights are some of the worst for the environment and, if avoidable, should instead utilize highway travel. Consider carpooling with friends when you go on a trip or boarding the train. Trains can prove especially affordable and put out fewer emissions.

Choose Sustainable Accommodations

Fortunately for the environmentally-conscious traveler, many hotels are beginning to take a hard look at their carbon footprint. Many have begun to utilize energy-efficient methods when operating as well as recycling habits. Take time to research “ecotourism” before you head out on your trip, and you may be able to stay at a place that gives back.

Be Responsible

Aside from your transportation and accommodation choices, you can make a big impact on how environmentally-friendly your trip is. For example, pack a reusable water bottle for your trip, and always recycle food containers. Stay on the paths while out hiking and avoid recreational activities that are damaging to the local environment.

Remember to limit your personal energy use; don’t leave chargers plugged in or the lights and air conditioner running in your room. Take shorter showers, and minimize your use of personal care products and hotel towels. Simply being conscious of your actions, even while on vacation, can do a lot to preserve the environment.

Make Memories

For many people, one of the places their environmentally-friendly mindset gets left behind is when they head to the gift shop. It can be hard to be cautious about avoiding certain materials and unnecessary trinkets when you are buying gifts for your loved ones. Remember to try to purchase locally made items that support local artists but did not damage the local environment.

Additionally, the best way to take home souvenirs from a vacation is to simply take pictures. A photo in your camera or phone takes up remarkably little space in your travel luggage and is a personal memory of the experience. Consider taking funny snapshots for each of your relatives instead of buying cheap trinkets!

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