Dressing Up Yourself And Your Room For College Days

When it comes to college, you are going to want to put a personal touch on your dorm and you are also going to want to show your school spirit loud and proud. That means shopping for items that display your school colors and logos, and more. Depending on where you go to school you may have plenty of options of places to shop. If you are at a popular school like Michigan State University or Notre Dame you are likely to find items in catalogs and online in all sorts of places.

Dressing Up Yourself And Your Room For College Days

If you’re about to start your freshman year and you know what school you are going to (how could you start if you don’t know) it’s time to get some shopping in. Here are some tips for finding great college merch to wear and decorate with.

Finding Clothing And Decor

Check out college campuses and look into college websites to find the latest and greatest in merchandise for both decor and wear. As a student, you may even be able to get a discount on the items that you buy directly from your college website or campus store. Those won’t be your only choices of places to shop though.

Look at the local mall to find out if they have a college merchandise store. It’s likely you’ll find on where you can buy all sorts of things, like t-shirts, scarves, sweats, party glasses, and more. You may also find things in different shopping catalogs, from brick and mortar retailers like Walmart, and even from catalog only places like Fingerhut and Montgomery Ward.

Flying Your School Colors

You don’t have to specifically have merchandise to wear and display that says your school name on it though, you can also simply purchase items that contain your school colors. Dress in shirts that display those colors brightly whenever you can, to help you feel that school spirit on a daily basis.

You can also buy furnishing and decor in your school colors. Go to Michigan State? Buy everything in green and white to decorate your room with. No matter what your school colors it’s likely you can find some things like trash cans, bedding, and even dishes that fit that color scheme, you just might have to do a little hunting!

If you join a sorority or a fraternity you may also want to have items to decorate your dorm with, and wear, that show people you are a frat or sorority member. It’s just one more way to help you get into the school spirit and enjoy your time at college.

You can even find clothing for every season. Get tank tops for summer, hoodies for fall, and t-shirts for the whole year.