Dreary Workplace: How An Office’s Aesthetics Can Impact Productivity

Most business leaders understand that one of the keys to success is getting maximum productivity out of their staff. While there are many strategies to boosting productivity, one of the most underused is simply providing a pleasant environment. The look and feel of the workplace is important to employee happiness and engagement. Here are some ways to make your company one that employees enjoy working in.

Bring the Outdoors In

Getting in touch with nature is still a strong instinct that most people share. Natural sunshine is the primary factor. More and larger windows that are strategically placed will give more people natural light, which is better for the eyes, the mood, and circadian sleep cycles. Providing some pleasant scenery to look at will also help. Place trees, shrubs, gardens, or splashing fountains where workers can view them and visit on their breaks.

Variety of Scenery

There’s a tendency to think that interior designs should be bland to minimize distraction, but the reverse is true. Dull surroundings with neutral colors and uniform design add to boredom, which builds dissatisfaction. While bright lights, vivid colors, and odd décor can be distracting, workspaces should still be interesting. Multi-color paint schemes with inventive designs and textures provide more visual appeal than flat beige. Wood surfaces, fabrics, casual artwork, potted plants, throw rugs, and other touches will break up the monotony.

Picking Colors

Choose your color schemes carefully. Elaborate or bizarre geometries can be unsettling and unprofessional. The colors themselves can also make a big difference. Certain colors have a particular effect both subliminally and consciously. Bright reds, blues, and greens promote better concentration. More subtle blues are calming, while pinks alleviate stress and aggression. Yellow promotes alertness, and orange creates confidence and enthusiasm. You can use different colors throughout the workplace to set the appropriate mood.

Furnishings and Comfort

Office spaces should be designed for people, not processes. Comfort, flexibility, and visual appeal will promote productivity more than stark surroundings of metal and plastic. Putting thought into Evenson Best furniture also makes employees feel more appreciated. Focus on building a brand image and dedicated work culture rather than mere functionality. Ergonomics and adjustable desks and chairs will help with physical stamina. Seek advice from the furniture experts to create a space that meets your company vision.

A workspace created with employee happiness in mind may take a little more planning. But in return, you get employees that are healthier, more focused, and more productive.